Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Wednesday days rainfall
Mumbai colaba  49 mms and scruz 24 mms

5.30 pm Update:

Cyclone "Nisarga" ,after crossing the coast, Now in Pune District..70 kms South East of Mumbai and 60 kms West of Pune.
Is tracking North-East towards Nasik Region. 
Currently Santa Cruz wind speed 28 kmph (After 60 kmph in peak) and 33 kmph now at Colaba, after peaking 70 kmph.
It is 102 kmph (at 2.30 pm)  at Alibag.

Rainnfall till 5 pm ..Alibag 51 mms, Colaba  43 mms, S'Cruz 19 mms.
Mumbai & Pune rainfall and wind speed will reduce considerably by Thursday..
1 pm Update...Cyclone Crossing Coast and tracking East/North East...
Compare the Eye position with the Previous Radar 
Wind speed at mumbai scruz 40  gusts to 57 kmph
According to colaba Rmc, peak gusts were 72 kmph
Rainfall from 8.30 am today..Ratnagiri  37 mms, Scruz 15 mms, Colaba 7 mms. 

Next Update at 5 pm..

Wednesday 3rd June.. 11.30 am..

"Nisarga" ..Severe Cyclonic Storm ..Crossing Land at around 11.20am near Shrivardhan (Raigad Disrict, Maharashtra ..South of the Track indicated in the Map yesterday...see location of Landfall below

 ..that is 130 kms SSW off Alibag and 170 kms SSW off Mumbai. sustained core winds ar 100-110 kmph..

CAPE is low, so cloud tops are not reaching very thunder/Lightning.
Radar showing also Stratiform clouds near/over rain intensity in Mumbai may become less.

Mumbai: Since it will be crossing the Land South of Mumbai..almost 150 kms South..the Mumbai radius of wind speed will be about 60-65 kmph..strong gusty winds. Moderate to heavy rains on Wednesday with gusty winds.
The peak intensity in Mumbai should be between 12 noon and till 6 pm.
Last 24 hrs..ended 8.30 am..Coalaba measured 45 mms 
Pune to get the brunt of the storm as it lies in the storm track..Very gusty winds and heavy rains on Wednesday.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Constant updates @ blog very much appreciated sir. Thanks a ton.

sridu said...


sset said...

very heavy rains over Navi Mumbai since yesterday.
As predicted by vagaries Pune district indeed received extreme rains!

Deepak said...

Good evening rajesh sir now nisarga cyclone is over Kindly update the status of monsoon and when will monsoon reach mumbai

sset said...

Massive 3 digit extreme rains over Maharashtra !

Deepak said...

Sir any update on Mumbai monsoon when it will be going to hit in mumbai

Deepak said...

Sir any update on Mumbai monsoon when it will be going to hit the Mumbai city

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir please give update on progress of monsoon to Mumbai.
Some media report showing no rain for next 15 days. Please tell us yours views sir.

Abizer kachwala said...

Rajesh sir ,Yesterday's storm completely devastated Nagothane...extreme rainfall and very gusty winds caused huge damage to infrastructure, poles,roof tops blown away and collapsed was truly a scary experience

NilaY Wankawala said...

Sir just out of curiosity a question... normally cyclone brings heavy to very heavy rains. Here we do not see rainfall figures reflecting the same. Mumbai colaba santacruz and for that matter even alibaug (102).Mumbai without cyclone also have recorded massive rainfall figures. Are heavy rains not always associated with cyclones? Or this cyclone was comparatively weaker thats reason?

sset said...

Non stop torrential rains Navi Mumbai since morning - flooding possible

sset said...

Trough forms over Konkan - Navi Mumbai non stop torrential flooding rains - 200mm ++
My GOD what june start ???

Nimish Thaker said...

Far more rains today at Juhu than yesterday. It has been thundering and raining non-stop since 9:30 AM today - June 4

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