Monday, June 01, 2020

Posted 1.30 pm .IST:

South West Monsoon moves into Kerala..
Today's Monsoon Rains in Kerala: Vadakara 153 mms, Quilandy 91 mms, T' Puram 58 mms, A.P. 46 mms, Kannur 51 mms, Mavelikkara 45 mms, Kayamkulam & Alaphuza 35 mms, Vythri 32 mms, Kotayam 27 mms, 

AS-1 : Depression 13.2 N & 71.4E...360 kms SW of Panaji and 670 kms S/SW of Mumbai....Estimated winds 45-55 kmph ..
Expected track...

Cross land fall between Dahanu and Valsad by 3rd a Deep Depression (Or a  Cyclone for a brief time before crossing land)..
Rainfall expected to be heavy in Coastal Karnatak and Goa on 1st..progressing North along coast to South Kokan by 2nd..on 2nd and 3rd very heavy rainfall in Maharshtra Ghats (Mahableshwar)  section.
North Kokan (Mumbai) to get heavy showers on 2nd/ 3rd June.

Direct Effect of System along West Coast, Interior Mah (West), South West M.P. and Southern Gujarat.

Mumbai: Effect of the System passing by on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday...Pre Monsoon Showers with heavy falls on Tuesday ( 50 mms) and Wednesday. Windy upto 40-50 kmph.
Rains decreasing from Thursday, in Mumbai and Pune.
Pune: Rains on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday..Tuesday & Wednesday will be particularly heavy.

Surat/ Valsad: Moderate to heavy rains on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bharuch:  Rains gaining intensity from Wednesday for 2/3 days. No cyclonic winds. Side effects of Cyclone.


NilaY Wankawala said...

Eagerly Awaiting update from an expert and master of all weather forecasters.....

Rajesh said...

Quantum not yet put up..delayed..but will soon in 2 days.

Latest on cyclone and Mumbai effect given.

Yes , Rains (Moderate to heavy) in Patan on Wed 3rd/Thursday 4th/Friday 5th ..around 15-25 mms/day

sanjeev Gokhale said...

I think once Rajesh Sir said that it will be deep depression and only may be cyclone just before land fall means all other prediction are exagagaration. News showing that it will have land fall near south konkan

sset said...

Vagaries wins !

Skymet quick false forecast about monsoon arrival was received with much questions !

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