Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Posted Tuesday Night:

Cyclonic Storm "Nisarga" Located  at 16.3N and 71.3E...280 kms WNW of Goa,  350 kms SSW off Mumbai....Estiated core winds 70-80 kmph and estimated pressure   .Striking land around Raigad/Palgar district of Maharashtra between 12 noon and 3 pm IST with estimated CORE winds at 100-110 kmph.

Showers have commenced in Mumbai on Tuesday afternoon.

Till 8.30 pm..18.6 mms at Colaba and 11.0 mms at Scruz...
Cyclone "Nisarga" has formed with estimated winds at 70-80 kmph at the centre. The outer periphery is having winds at around 50-60 kmph. To understand, if the outer circle passes thru Mumbai, City will have winds around 60-80 kmph. That is strong and gusty. (Kolkata cyclone had winds exceeding 150-160 kmph). Strong winds tonight and on Wednesday with heavy persistent showers.

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Vinod Desai said...

Thanks for this timely updates on weather.

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