Sunday, January 17, 2016

Posted Tuesday Night:

Cold days in M.P. Day Temps on Tuesday: Guna 15.2c,  Khajuraho 15.8c, Satna and Sagar 16.1c, Bhopal 18.7c.
Light rains in Jharkhand.

Rain regions withdraw from M.P. on Wednesday, moving East into W.Bengal, Odisha and NE States.
A.P. and interior Karnataka may get showers on Wednesday. Cool day in Bangalore at around 23/24c.
Kolkata can expect showers on Wednesday..around 15-20 mms expected and around 25c in the day.

Due to inflow of moisture (to the UAC over Central India), rains occurred in Karnataka and Telengana as expected. Light rains and cold day in Hyderabad. Around 22c.

An extra flow of moisture towards the periphery of the Upper trough, brought unexpected rains to Karachi early Tuesday. 3 mms were recorded.
See Report in Vagaries Pakistan


Zohair said...

It was 15mm sir as per my personal rain guage
When will fog start subsiding in pakistan?

Rajesh said...

Zohair: Yes, rainfall varied as shown in Vagaries Pakistan also. So your region got more rains.
Fog will be much less from Northern plains after 21st Jan.

Zohair said...

load of thanks sir,
can we expect Fog in coastal sindh during next 2 days?

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