Friday, January 22, 2016

Cold Grips Northern India..See detail temps on Vagaries North

The coldest winter temperature on Earth, this time of the year (January) is recorded in northern Siberia ( Asian region of Russia) .. Temp range from - 50 c to -70 c .. It's a deep freeze.. 
But it's not windy in Siberia.. General calm prevails with deep freezing temperatures..

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So, are our Himalayas not the coldest on Earth, this time of the year (January)?

The mighty Himalayan peaks(more than 7000 metres above mean sea level) record temperatures of -40 c to -50 c this time of the year (January).. Though relatively less colder than Siberia and arctic Canada , winds on the mighty Himalayan peaks may reach speeds of 150 kmph ..Alongwith temp of -50 c , they can cause wind chills of -90 (will cause immediate frostbite on exposure) ..These wind chills of the mighty Himalayan peaks are the lowest wind chills recorded on Earth during north hemisphere winters (January)



Meanwhile at Maharashtra - LOWEST min temp : Shirdi @ 4.1 c / max temp 24 c 

Top Five 24hrs Rainfall in India in 2016
Mettupalayam, Tamil Nadu - 220 mm on 22.01.2016
Nancowry, Nicobar Islands - 135 mm on 17.01.2016
Puri, Odisha - 118 mm on 21.01.2016
Harve, Karnataka - 64 mm on 22.01.2016
Kavaratti, Lakshwadeep Islands - 60 mm 20.01.2016...From PJ


Unknown said...

Rohitbhai, what is your source for junagadh weather data?

Rajesh said...

Latest on vote: Photo no. 1 leading now, with a 5 vote margin, suddenly racing ahead, and photo no. 5 2nd, and photo no 3 a distant 3rd...

Narayanan chennai said...

Hi sir so much variation in minimum from 6 to 19 at gujarat is it due to altitude or sea influence. Will be interested to know it

Abhijit Modak said...

Gaurav: Junagadh source is from IMD AWS only with round off figures on map for easy representation ..

Unknown said...

Thanks Abhijit Modak....the actual minimum temp is around 2C less than reading taken by imdaws... local newspaper said 7C recorded today morning in junagadh....

Rajesh said...

Latest ...Picture no 1 maintaining lead now with pic no 5 in 2nd place...3rd is pic no 3.

Rohit Aroskar said...

Narayanan : Gujarat is not a plateau .. Most of the state is plains..

On the west coast , min temp decreases as you move away from the sea ( for eg .. please read the microclimates of Mumbai and Goa at -> )

At Okha 19 c is the min temp (because the observatory must be by the Arabian sea)..By the Arabian sea the min temp do not decrease , they remain steady .. and it's windy ..wind chill factor comes into play)..
If u move 2 kms and more inland on the west coast , the min temp recorded will be lower than by the sea (eg.see Porbandar @ 11 c - the observatory must be some kms inland from the sea..may be 4 kms inland)

Rajesh said...

Sudden sing in the Photography photo no 5 leads aeith a big margin of 61 votes over a new 2nd place,,photo no 2, and photo no 1 slips to 3rd place...!!

Zohair said...

sir what about next Western Disturbance in pakistan?

Weather outlook till Friday 2nd December Dry weather in north India in the absence of any WD, daytime weather comfortable and not extreme co...