Thursday, January 07, 2016

Posted Thursday 7th Night:

What is in store for the Weekend ? Friday 8th, Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th January....

Mumbai: Partly cloudy weekend. Comparatively warmer weekend ahead ( Day around 31c/32c) compared to the pleasant weather last week. Nights rising slightly to 19/20c ( Friday/Saturday) and dipping again from Sunday night/Monday morning by 2/3c.

As the Western Disturbance J-2 moves away, we have some precipitation left over on Friday in Kashmir, H.P, Uttarakhand and West U.P.

Saturday and Sunday seems to be dry in the sub-continent.
Another Western Disturbance moves in on the 11th.

As seen in the map below, the day temperatures are higher than normal in the North and North west plains of India and  adjoining Pakistan plains. 

The day temperatures will drop by 4c from these levels on Friday and Saturday. Punjab cities wll see a drop also by 4c to below 20c from current 23/24c.

Delhi NCR being partly cloudy on Friday, will drop from 25/26c (last 2 days) to around 21c. Saturday onwards, clear skies will low of about 8/9c.

Resultantly, the nights will also get cooler from Saturday night. Nights will be cooler in Rajasthan, M.P, Gujarat and Interior Maharashtra ( Pune /Nasik/Aurangabad) will get cooler from Sunday/Monday.(Will include Konkan and interior Konkan cities like Panvel, Roha and surrounding).

Pune and Nasik will go down to 8/9c levels again from Sunday/Monday.
Surat nights getting to 14/15c from Sunday.

Srinagar: Light rain on Friday, and dry on the weekend. Nights dropping ot -2/-3c.

Chennai: With the NEM gone, the weather will be between 30/31cc and 20/22c in the city. 

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