Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Series on Atmospheres of the Planets of our Solar System...Part ( C)..Mercury's Atmosphere..( Courtesy Universe Today)...See Space News Page

Posted Tuesday Night:
Western Disturbance J-4, precipitates over Pakistan ( Sindh , Punjab and Northern regions) on 28th January. 
J-4 moves East into India on 29th and 30th with rains in Punjab, Haryana and rain and snow in Hill States of Kashmir, HP.

1. Temperatures rise in West, North, North-West and Central India from Thursday. Likely to drop again from 1st February.

2.Fog conditions ease in the North.

3.Maharashtra, Including Mumbai, Gujarat and M.P. see an easing in the cold wave from Thursday. Next few days till 1st February will see rising day and Night temperatures. Cooler weather again in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, from 1st February.

Severe Cold Wave in East Asia, 

South Korea...Seoul sees -18c..2nd Largest Airport, Jeju, paralysed...

Japanese tropical Island Amami sees snow after 115 years and Tokyo gets heavy snow....

Vietnam sees Freezing in Northern Areas and Low temps...
China freezes as Beijing drops to -16c and snow in Guangzhou after 1949...

Rare snow on Taiwan Island as Taipei touches 4c...and 
Thailand Northern region shivers in 8-10c..
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Abhijit Modak said...

Nashik max temp 31.4°C & min temp was 6.4°C today..So range difference of 25c between min/max today.. And range difference of 26c between yesterday's max(32.4°C) & today's min temp !!

NW part of West coast remain cool in day time today(27-01-16):

Ratnagiri max 29.4c
Mumbai Scruz 28.8c
Harnai 27.5c
Alibaug & Mumbai Colaba 26.6c
Dahanu 26.2c

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