Sunday, January 10, 2016

Posted Sunday Night 9 pm IST:
The night temperatures have started dropping as noted in Thursday's Post:

Mumbai Santa Cruz which saw 16c on Sunday morning, will see a further fall Monday morning, with Mumbai Colaba heading for a fall after 20c on Sunday morning. Pune which was 10.9c on Sunday morning will see a further drop.
Delhi was 8,8c on Sunday morning, and seeing more cold Monday morning.
Srinagar, as expected was -3.8c on Sunday morning, Gulmarg -9c and Leh plummeting to -15c. 
In H.P, Keylong recorded -11c.
Surat, reached 15c on Sunday morning.....

Let's see the next 12 hrs now...


Unknown said...

Hi Rajesh,

I realise that all we readers of this blog including myself tend to comment less during the non monsoon period. We seem to withdraw with the monsoon withdrawal :):). So this is just to say hi and that your winter blogs are equally enjoyable and as charming as a nice misty winter morning. Good show ! Suresh

Unknown said...

Suresh: Thanks a lot for the kind words. It always encourages the author with words like these. Though i know from the hits, that the vagaries blog is well read and viewed.
I always appreciate even a few words in this comment. Thanks

Unknown said...

Suresh: Thanks a lot for the kind words and they mean a lot.Any author always appreciates a few words, and i for one get great encouragements from this "comments" space.
Though we know the vagaries blog is well read, seeing the high daily hits and views.
A few words here mean a lot...Thanks

Narayanan chennai said...

Vagaries always have been very authentic with good coverage across india. We are seeing vagaries this winter in india thanks to el nino.

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