Friday, November 20, 2015

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Posted Friday 20th Morning:

1. It was mentioned in previous blogs that the pulse from BB-11 would track West into the Arabaian Sea. An explanation was given earlier about the pulse forming into a Low with the help of a trough.
A Low has formed in the Arabian Sea in the Lakshdweep region, a bit to the North of the area. Low will track West.

2. Due to the Low, Easterlies will push away the sea breeze along the Konkan coast.

Friday 20th/Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd:

Mumbai: Weekend will be cloudy on Saturday/Sunday. As we see, night temperatures have dropped a bit to 18c on Friday morning in the suburbs. However, due to east winds we may not see any major fluctuations (eitherway) in temperatures.

Pune which is enjoying pleasant nights at 12.9c, might see a marginal rise in temperatures, as some scattered clouds will appear.

-Dense fog possible in East U.P. and adjoining Bihar.

-No major system or heavy rainfall expected.

-Heavy falls likely in patches in Coastal Tamil Nadu. A passing Western Disturbance will bring precipitation in Kashmir.

-Low will bring isolated heavy falls in Kerala and light rains in Coastal Karnataka. Some spill over showers expected in few parts of Goa.

-Partly cloudy with light isolated rain in some patches of North Konkan. Places in North Interior Konkan will be partly cloudy with light rains in some regions.

Goa may see some showers this weekend...amounting to around 5 mms.

No major changes in North India plains.


Narayanan chennai said...

Sir, Already your forecast seems happening in SE coast of india isolated heavy rain generating clouds in the vicinity in chennai radar.

anant said...

@ SSET, will the recent rain put an end to your comments of desertification . Or next June you will be back with your same old rant.

sset said...

Actually if we observe NEM rain pattern over past years as given by Pradeep
"1943, 1976, 1985, 1996, 2005 are great flood events in Chennai history. We can add 2015 into the above category".
Since 1970s after 10-11 years gap we see good rains over SE India! Interval is quite huge. But it will be interesting to know what were weather conditions during 1976,1985,1996,2005,2015(current) causing this in-terms of EL-NINO/NO EL-NINO,SOI,IOD,SST,SWM duration/withdrawl.

sset said...

Navi Mumbai heavy rains with thunders!!

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir ,its raining in nagothane,panvel heavily from 3pm.its not light in intensity.what is your ahead forecast anout north konkan

Rajesh said...

yes abizer: It was heavy in Panvel and even good reports from New Mumbai...Mumbai City has had light drizzles as of now...updating tonite

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