Saturday, November 21, 2015

Posted Saturday Night:

Mumbai: Light rains in Mumbai City and Suburbs on Saturday 21st evening. Colaba measured 1.5 mms, Vagaries 0.3 mms and SCruz 0.4 ms from 8.30 am-8.30 pm Saturday. 
Salil's private gauge measured 3 mms at Dadar.

Mumbai on Sunday: Cloudy weather with a few spells of rain. Rain expected early morning and more towards evening. Lightening possible in eastern skies. Stuffy Night.
Eastern townships, Panvel and vicinity around can get few showers, more towards evening. Around 10 mms.
Pune: Cloudy skies. Showers possible on Sunday. Night temperatures rise to around 21c.

Outer townships, specially the Eastern side too had showers. Vagarian's private rain Gauges measured 20 mms at Badlapur (Abhijit), 29 mms at Panvel (Junaid), Thane 2 mms.
Ratnagiri (South Konkan) saw 10 mms.

The Well Marked Low moved North and was located off the Karnataka Coast . A trough runs from the system towards Gujarat. 
Sunday: Moderate rains along Konkan. Places along the interiors will get showers, around 10-15 mms.

Thunder showers with hails possible in many places of Madhya Maharashtra and parts of Marathwada on Sunday. Heavy showers expected in Nasik District.

Rainfall can extend North towards the Gujarat coast. Valsad and Surat can get some rain.

AN UAC off the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka could descend to become a Low.


vikas hunk gay said...
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Rajesh said...

vikas: Only partly cloudy yet for Maharashtra i have given only Sunday forecast. But your region will not get rain.

Unknown said...

rajesh sir,bbc showing heavy to very heavy rain in south ujarat tommorow night.whats your view?tomorrows view about north konkan?

Shreyas Dhavale said...

West MP may receive some rain...

Rajesh said...

Some Sunday evening rains reported from Mumbai North suburbs like Borivali. Eastern townships received a thunder shower on Sunday evening. Lightening seen in eastern skies of Mumbai ( 7.00pm onwards).
Heavy rainfall measured in Ahmadnagr (Madhya Mah), more than 55 mms. Many places in Nasik region report rains. Dhule, Malegaon receive showers. Rain continuing as on writing this.

Rajesh said...

Mahableshwar received 19 mms Sunday evening, temperature dropping to 18c. Lonavala saw some rains also..

NilaY Wankawala said...

Thundering can be heared and some heavy shower borivali west just now

Shreyas Dhavale said...

Good heavy thunderstorm for almost an hour in western suburbs of Mumbai

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