Thursday, November 12, 2015

Posted Thursday 12th Night:

1. As mentioned in vagaries earlier, BB-10 has re-emerged in the Arabian Sea.
A Low pressure is now over the Lakshdweep region as on Thursday.

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System will move WNW..affecting Kerala and Karnataka Coastline on Friday. It moves away from Indian coast.

2. Another Low (BB-11) will form off the Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka by the 14th. This will also track towards the Tamil Nadu Coast.More rains from Sunday 15th thru Tuesday for TN.

Chennai: Chennai sees a decrease in rainfall as BB-10 moves away. But, this is temporary, as BB-11 approaches , and we see rains increasing from Sunday 15th again.

3. Western Disturbance will be active in Northern Hills region of the sub continent on Friday. System moves away by the weekend. 

Mumbai: A hot New Year Day for the day at SCruz rises to 36.5c and 34.2c at Colaba. Similar weather next few days.
As explained, we may see a noticeable drop in temperatures in Mumbai and Konkan after 15th.


Narayanan chennai said...

Rajesh Sir, Thanks for your forecast. At chennai, We are experiencing very heavy rain from thursday evening and still continuing most centers are reporting 150 to 200 mm so far may be due to remanants of BB-10. Short break will be better as forecasting by you before BB-11 moves as otherwise it will lead to local flooding due to incessant rains.

SVT said...

Whats the forecast for Bangalore test starting tomorrow?

Rawat said...

Sir when northern plains will see fall in temperatures?

Rajesh said...

svt: The 2nd Test Match between India and S.A>: The first 2 days will see very light drizzles, not disturbing the play. Monday and Tuesday may be disturbed as more and heavy rains expected from BB-11.

Anoop: Wait continues till BB-11 moves away, and another WD, or high pressure area forms over Nand Central India

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