Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Posted Wednesday Night:
Srinagar: With 16 mms of rain in the day, the day temperature dropeed to 13.4c on Wednesday. 

Bangalore City is receiving very good rans since last 3 days. With 95 mms flooding the city on Monday,( see Viayanand's comment) there was a reduction yesterday as 7 mms were measured. But, on Wednesday, the showers picked up with 33 mms till 8.30 pm IST. and day temperature at 28.7c.

AS-3 remains a Well Marked Low at estimated pressure at 1004/1006 mb. Seems possible , seeing "not very favourable conditions", it may not deepen much now .

Posted Wednesday Noon (IST):
AS-3 becomes "Well Marked Low Pressure" at estimated 1006 mb..Located at 13N and 67.5E...NRL Sat Image

Posted Tuesday Night:
Mumbai was hot on Tuesday, with the day at 33c in Colaba and 35c at Scruz. Same conditions for next 2 days, maybe more cloudy and stuffy at night.

Panjim , Goa , is now getting some showers on Tuesday evening/Night. 3 mms recorded till 8.30 pm ...Some towns in South Konkan received slightly heavier showers.

Sporadic showers to continue in North Coastal Karnatak, Goa and South Konkan next 2 days.

Weather Situation:
1. The Low expected in the Arabian Sea has formed off the Karnataka Coast. Currently at 1010 mb, it will deepen fast to 1008 mb and then to 1006 mb , and move West.

2. N-1 which had formed and moved East wards across Kashmir, is followed by N-2, and the trough from N-2 may form an induced Low in North-Central Pakistan.
With some rain on Tuesday, the day temperature drops to 16.5c from yesterday's high. With more rains on Wednesday, the day will be colder at around 11-13c.

New Delhi NCR: Same conditions with max around 31c till Friday. Some decrease in day temperatures from Saturday as we see clouds rolling in on the weekend.

Chennai: Showers in many parts of city, could accumulate around 10-15 mms on Wednesday. But, we may see a decrease in rains again from Thursday till Saturday. Normally, I should be estimating more showers and rains for Chennai at this time of the year. But, the momentum is missing.


Vijayanand said...

Heavy rain in bangalore on monday night. Shantinagar records 135 mm, domlur 85 , btm layout 70 mm. CBD area's got very heavy rains. The rains came in two spells: 5 to 7PM and 1 to 3 pm.

GSB said...

SSET..: A lot of people from around the country and all over the world read this blog....Rajesh Sir takes lot of effort and personal time to update this blog every few days with contributions from others as well...your comments are read by most of these visitors and also sometimes appreciated...but it is pointless and immensely repetitive to put forth an argument which is just your personal opinion...you have not provided any supporting data or facts to justify your NEM/EL-NINO correlation or lack thereof, or failure of monsoon in SI over past few years...also you would appreciate that no known natural phenomenon occurs in a linear fashion.. (and reading your comments does make one feel that you are very well educated)...so the point that you keep highlighting of the failure of monsoon in SI does not make sense....weather, like the very name of this blog suggests is a variable phenomenon and assumptions and personal opinions have no place in proper analysis..howsoever faulty or incomplete it may be( honest analysis).

I therefore request you to be more factual and scientific in your approach rather than being dogmatic or opinionated.... Lastly if you have the time please share one natural phenomenon in the last few centuries that does not show cyclical behavior...



Rajesh said...

Well analysed and put forth by GSB. sset, has not bothered to reply to my comments, so, let us presume he prefers to be "anonymous". We would like to respect his mode and methodology, but i always thought that common courtesy would demand a reply explaining his views. Each to his own...

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