Monday, November 16, 2015

Posted Monday Night:
Mumbai will see a fall in night temperatures from Tuesday morning. Windy conditions on Wednesday.

BB-11 as tracked Northwards as forecasted, but at a faster speed than expected, having covered the distance to Chennai within 24 hrs, as its centre now lies just 100 kms ESE off Chennai.

Cloud wrapping is seen from the North quadrant thru to the SW Quadrant...almost covering the Land areas.
With surface winds at 25 knts, it is a depression now.

Chennai received 41 mms of rain on Monday till 8.30 pm IST. Rainfall decreasing in Chennai from Tuesday.

System will cross coast on Tuesday. Heavy rains likely on Tuesday in all AP and Southern Telengana.
Occasional Showers likely in Hyderabad on Tuesday.

Rainfall (medium) spreading to NIK and Southern Mah on Wednesday 18th.


Naveen Reddy said...

Yes Rajesh sir Monsoon has been very much active all over AP coast and Rayalaseema.

Some heavy rain fall amounts recorded yesterday over south coastal AP and Rayalaseema !!

Venkatagiri (dist Nellore) 31, Rapur (dist Nellore) 29, Gudur (dist Nellore) 25, Atmakur (dist Nellore) 18,
Vinjamur (dist Nellore) 17, Kavali (dist Nellore) 16, Udayagiri (dist Nellore) 14, Avanigada (dist Krishna) 14, Nellore
(dist Nellore) 12, Repalle (dist Guntur) 12, Gudivada (dist Krishna) 10, Seetharamapuram (dist Nellore) 9,
Masulipatnam Cdr (dist Krishna) 9, Chimakurthi (dist Prakasam) 9, Karamchedu (dist Prakasam) 8, Veligandla (dist
Prakasam) 8, Bapatla (dist Guntur) 7, Marripudi (dist Prakasam) 7, Narsapuram (dist West Godavari) 7, Addanki (dist
Prakasam) 7, Podili (dist Prakasam) 7, Vuyyuru(a) (dist Krishna) 6, Tenali (dist Guntur) 6, Amalapuram (dist East
Godavari) 6, Ambajipeta(arg) (dist East Godavari) 5, Sullurpeta (dist Nellore) 5, Konakanamitla (dist Prakasam) 5,
Mundlamuru (dist Prakasam) 5, Mangalagiri (dist Guntur) 5, Lam(a) (dist Guntur) 5, Cumbum (dist Prakasam) 5,
Vijayawada A.p. (dist Krishna) 5, Kaikalur (dist Krishna) 5, Bestavaripeta (dist Prakasam) 5, Ongole (dist Prakasam) 4,
Bheemavaram (dist West Godavari) 4, Guntur (dist Guntur) 4, Darsi (dist Prakasam) 4, Santhamaguluru (dist
Prakasam) 4, Yelamanchili (dist Vishakhapatnam) 4, Racherla (dist Prakasam) 4, Palakoderu (dist West Godavari) 4,
Maruteru(a) (dist West Godavari) 4, Tada (dist Nellore) 3, Markapur (dist Prakasam) 3, Ardhaveedu (dist Prakasam) 3,
Tanuku (dist West Godavari) 3, Yerragondapalem (dist Prakasam) 3, Nuzvid (dist Krishna) 2, Tadepalligudem (dist
West Godavari) 2, Sattenapalle (dist Guntur) 2, Rajahmundry (dist East Godavari) 2, Yerragondapalem(arg) (dist
Prakasam) 2, Kakinada (dist East Godavari) 2, Bhimadole (dist West Godavari) 2, Piduguralla (dist Guntur) 2


11/17/2015: Srikalahasti (dist Chittoor) 17, Penagaluru (dist Cuddapah) 16, Thottambedu (dist Chittoor) 16, Kodur
(dist Cuddapah) 15, Ananthrajpeta(arg) (dist Cuddapah) 14, Badvel (dist Cuddapah) 13, Pullampeta (dist Cuddapah)
13, Rajampet (dist Cuddapah) 12, Utukuru(a) (dist Cuddapah) 10, Cuddapah (dist Cuddapah) 10, Porumamilla (dist
Cuddapah) 10, Lakkireddipalle (dist Cuddapah) 8, Tanakal (dist Anantapur) 8, Vempalle (dist Cuddapah) 8, Pulivendla
(dist Cuddapah) 8, Kadiri (dist Anantapur) 8, Atlur (dist Cuddapah) 8, Royachoti (dist Cuddapah) 7, Kadiri(a) (dist
Anantapur) 7, Sambepalle (dist Cuddapah) 7, Nambulipulikunta (dist Anantapur) 7, Thambalapalle (dist Chittoor) 7,
Gurramkonda (dist Chittoor) 7, Kamalapuram (dist Cuddapah) 7, Chinnamandem (dist Cuddapah) 6, Kalakada (dist
Chittoor) 6, Vallur (dist Cuddapah) 6, Nagari (dist Chittoor) 6, Tirupati Aero (dist Chittoor) 6, Muddanur (dist
Cuddapah) 6, Venkatagiri Kota (dist Chittoor) 6, Mandapalle (dist Chittoor) 5, Proddutur (dist Cuddapah) 5, Chapad
(dist Cuddapah) 5, Santhipuram (dist Chittoor) 5, Nallamada (dist Anantapur) 5, Amadagur (dist Anantapur) 4,
Arogyavaram (dist Chittoor) 4, Kondapuram (dist Cuddapah) 4, Simhadripuram (dist Cuddapah) 4, Duvvur (dist
Cuddapah) 4, Gorantla (dist Anantapur) 4, Jammalamadugu (dist Cuddapah) 4, Obuladevaracheruvu (dist Anantapur)
3, Raju Palem (dist Cuddapah) 3, Satyavedu (dist Chittoor) 3, Pakala (dist Chittoor) 3, Tirupati(a) (dist Chittoor) 3,
Guntakal (dist Anantapur) 3, Penu Konda (dist Anantapur) 3, Puttur (dist Chittoor) 3, Chilamathur (dist Anantapur) 3,
Palamaner (dist Chittoor) 2, Lepakshi (dist Anantapur) 2, Tadimarri (dist Anantapur) 2, Kambadur (dist Anantapur) 2,
Punganur (dist Chittoor) 2, Palasamudram (dist Chittoor) 2, Tadpatri (dist Anantapur) 2, Chenne Kothapalle (dist
Anantapur) 2, Hindupur (dist Anantapur) 2, Koilkuntla (dist Kurnool) 2, Allagadda (dist Kurnool) 2, Dharmavaram (dist
Anantapur) 2, Rudravaram (dist Kurnool) 2, Bathalapalle (dist Anantapur) 2, Anantpur (dist Anantapur) 2,

Unknown said...

rajesh sir,according to me i had asked your views about rains in entire konkan between 19-23 replied no rains.but now the bbc and imd gfs models also showing rains.has your forecast changed now or the same about north konkan including panvel,pen,roha and mumbai ?will dry conditions be obsrved ,if rains,then amount=?

Narayanan chennai said...

Good see very good rains in South AP and rayalaseema. Hope this is useful for the farmers there and not too late.

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