Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Posted Tuesday Night:
Mumbai: As mentioned, a slight drop in temperatures was seen in Mumbai on Tuesday. Scruz saw a high of 34.5c, a fall from the 37c a few days ago. The minimum was also better at 19.8c. A degree below normal ! Scruz will see a low of around 19c next 2 nights.
Pune was low at 13.8c and Nasik was 13.4c Tuesday morning.

The minimum will remain low next 2 nights.

Outlook for Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th:

Slightly cooler nights for NW India plains next 2 nights. Minimum temperatures lkely to fall by 2/3c from current levels. The fall will be felt in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan. Partial fall of 1/2c will be also felt in Gujarat and Maharashtra next 2 nights. In Pakistan Punjab, Upper Sindh, nights will get cooler by 2/3c from current levels next 2 nights. 

 Decreasing rainfall in Southern Peninsula. Thunder showers popping up in Kerala. 

Goa and North Karnataka coast will witness strong (east) winds on Wednesday and Thursday. But, will not mean well, as it would keep the sea breeze at bay.

Weekend weather outlook will be put up on Thursday.


Unknown said...


need share button on page fr whtapp


Unknown said...

rajesh sir ,in your weekend weather outlook please post weather forecast for panvel,pen,roha also.if rain ,then amount ?

Salim Ramani , Jabalpur said...

What About Jabalpur (East M.P) ?
Thank U

Rajesh said...

Salim: Jabalpur will be almost clear.slight fall in nights, bya few degrees, no major change till 22nd.

abizer: shall put up weekend forecast

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