Sunday, June 30, 2013

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June 2013 and Overall SWMonsoon over the years... superb comparitive Stats by GSB..on Stats and Analysis Page

Pradeep's Page Updated with June SWM Toppers

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Posted Sunday Night 11.55 pm IST

1. As on Sunday evening, Monsoon Axis slips into the Himalayan Foothills, with Low embedded in UP region. Axis runs from Himalayan Foothills thru Low pressure and thru Gaya into another low over Gangetic W.Bengal.

2. Axis will persist in the North for  a couple of days, and will support an Upper air trough over Northern MP by Tuesday. This Upper air trough will have an UAC embedded at 700 hp, also over the North MP region.Axis may slide a little Southwards in the North MP, Southern UP region. Precipitation in the Jaipur-Gwalior-Lucknow line.

3. Due to this developments, and weakening MJO over our seas, West coast trough will remain, and fluctuate mildly next week.

4. From 3rd July, 200 mb jet streams, hitherto unfavourable , being westerlies and forming a high over Northern regions, start becoming favourable for NW India and Sindh from 3rd July. SWM remains stagnant over the regions shown in vagaries' map, refusing to move further.

Another regional report on Monday.


Neeraj said...

Since the start of the monsoon, the rain for kathmandu has been just average to little below average though good premonsoon rains has pushed the june total rainfall to above average. What can be expected this week ?

Anonymous said...

Mumbai region - Top 11 rain stations June 2013(rain in cms) .. (all 11 century makers)..

Mumbai Tulshi 187
Badlapur 138..(source : Abhijit)
Ulhasnagar 121
Thane 119
Mumbai Vihar 117
Karjat 117
Panvel 115
Khalapur 113
Kalyan 109
Ambarnath 103
Mumbai SCZ 103

Anonymous said...

Mumbai SCZ : Jun 2013 Average -
31.1 c /24.5 c .. Rain .. 103 cms ..(Max: 34.5 c , Min: 22.6 c )

1-8 June 2013 .. 33.6 c / 25.5 c ..
Arrival of monsoons : 9 June 2013 ..

9-30 June 2013.. 30.1 c /24.1 c ..

Highest 24 hrs rain at SCZ - 181 mms ..

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,
today while on my way home from Powai to Vasai, rains were heavy in powai, but when i reached Dahisar- Naigoan highway belt in the hills , the rains were deadly pouring almost like a cloud , burst.for 30 mins, had to stop my vehicle , couldnt drive anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mumbai SCZ(Airport) .. The story of the first half year (Jan to Jun 2013) --> avg..32.4 c /20.5 c (103 cms) ..
Lowest :10.4 c , Highest : 40.5 c ..

Mumbai SCZ has recorded below average ( a degree to a couple) min temp during the first half of the year ..Max temp has been almost normal (except for March 1st week nd Apr last week)..
The city did not receive any significant rains ..trace rain (as usual) during the first 5 months of the year ..But before the interval returned with figures of 103 cms ..

Jan : 30.9/14.8 (0 cms).. Feb : 31.6 /16.4 (0 cms) ..Mar : 34 /19.3 (0 cms) ..Apr: 33 /22.1 (0 cms) ..May : 33.8 /25.9 (trace)..Jun: 31.1 /24.5 (103 cms)..

sset said...

It is great to see Mumbai in top 10 - Pradeep has published this in "India weather blog". Top 5 driest places (< 5mm) are also published. All from TN. If NEM fails ....

To readers who don't believe South East India, interiors of south are driest places in India.. 2012 Mysore received only 450mm of annual rain..same with Mandya,Chamrajnager.. 2013 also same pattern seems to follow. Places with 400mm of rain are call for "near desertification". BANG, Rayalseema too in red radar.

Sunny Arora said...

Rajesh ji you had hinted less of wds this monsoon,but that is not taking place,most of the precipitation in nw india was due to interaction of wd and the monsoon moisture

Rajesh said...

Anuj Arora: i see much of NW India still to get meaningfull per my knowledge, there has been no WD passing thru Northern India after 16th June...and the rains in Northern India is restricted to Up plans due to bb_$ and monsoon axis. My information and remarks maybe limited to what you commented.

sset: the same information yo refer to in Indian Weatherman, is already right "under you" in this same blog , and in much more details, on Pradeep's Page on this blog..

Unknown said...

West Coast rain intensity might increase from Friday, Especially near Mumbai north Konkan, south Gujrat.

emkay said...

An area of extreme heat is developing over Afghanistan !! How would it affect conditions here next few days ??

Atul P Naik said...

Heavy rains lashing Goa since 7.30 am. Probably the heaviest of the season so far!

Unknown said...

for 10 mins there was very heavy shower in Vasai

Abhijit Modak said...

Today really an awesome day in Badlapur as persistent light to medium rain and at times heavy shower from early morning till now. So nice cool weather. Some mild thundering here from last 1hr.

Abhijit Modak said...

Rainfall of some west coast cities till 5.30pm today :

Honavar 87mm
Panji 50mm
Ratnagiri 31mm

  4th October  The subtropical ridge continues to extend further east from the Arabian peninsula towards most parts of North west and west c...