Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Latest Update posted on Tuesday Nite

 Wettest Monsoon Day in 2013 for maharashtra...See pradeep's Page

BB-4 lingers on, and on Tuesday, was located as a weak low over North-East MP and adjoining Chattisgarh. The associated UAC is prevalent till 700 mb.

Clouds associated with the system is in the West quadrant.
Next 2 days, this sea level low (BB-4) fizzles out, but the associated UAC forms a trough,running West-East across MP.

If UAC and upper Air trough persists over Gujarat and MP beyond Thursday, rains may extend by a day.

Wednesday 3rd July: Heavy rains in SE Rajastan. Heavy rains in Udaipur and adjoining places.Northern Maharashtra and parts of Marathwada. Akola gets heavy rains.Heavy rains in Goa on both, Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday 4th July: Heavy rains in Eastern Gujarat (Gujarat Region), Southern Gujarat and Konkan. Ahmadabad, Surat, Bharuch, Dahanu and Mumbai get heavy rains.Heavy rains in Eastern Uttarakhand and Western Nepal.

Mumbai: Wednesday will be cloudy with occasional bright periods. But occasional heavy showers during day will add up to 15 mms in the day and 20 mms on Wednesday night.

Thursday : Overcast skies with heavy intermittent showers. Oft and on rain spells with rain amounting to 30-40 mms till Friday morning.
Outer townships get more rains...maybe upto 60 mms.
Rain decreasing from Friday.

Pune: Cloudy and chance of showers in city. Some areas may get a heavy shower. 10 mms possible/day on Wed and Thursday.

Surat: Rainfall increasing from Wednesday night. Heavy rains on Thursday, but decreasing by afternoon. Rains may be around 60 mms from Thursday night and into Friday morning.

Delhi NCR: Wednesday and Thursday will be partly cloudy and hot. Some evening rain in some areas only, or in the vicinity. Winds will be ESE. 

Chennai will be warm and humid. I would not rule out a thunder shower in some areas on Thursday night...amounting to around 7-10 mms.

Link  here to Video of Vagaries' Meeting in Mumbai on 30th June 2013


Unknown said...

Are there any chances of Saurashtra getting wetted under this system? The region, after first good spell, is in dire need of rains now. Kindly throw some light on this issue. I am regular visitor of your blog and believes in your forecasting.

Unknown said...

Rajeshbhai, with rather drier and hotter break in Akola, drizzle has already started. The wet spell, even shorter is great saviour for crops......Potey

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,
I visit your blog twice everyday , i really enjoy reading prediction regarding weather & the comments brought in by the various Vagaries member's. Its a real effort & a wonderful teamwork, not to mention outstanding performance by ,
Rajesh kapadia Sir,
Pradeep John
GSB , Rohit aroskar Abhiojit modak, Sam khan, emkay and so on......

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir, As i m throwing this 1st question towards you,that is' this coming thursday & friday , is it really going to be wet in surat and Mumbai.

Abhijit Modak said...

Panji recorded 127mm rain ending 8.30am
today. So on track after lull.

Rajesh said...

Giriraj: I think Saaurashtra will get a rain spell on Friday. Though it will be more widespread in the Eastern parts.
But,as i mentioned, if the UAC persists over the area for 1 more day, then Friday also can be wet.

Shawn: Thanks, and yes, we have a good and enthisiastic group here.
As per my views, Surat and Mumbai (more so for Surat) will be wet from Thursday night..sure would only mention if i am convinced.
But,as i mentioned, if the UAC persists over the area for 1 more day, then Friday also can be wet.

Cmdr Potey: Shall be putting up in Lokmat Times for tomorrow's newspaper

Ron said...

it seems the goa/karnataka region is getting good amount of rains even today...

Abhijit Modak said...

Thane District rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today(03-07-2013) minimum 20mm :

Thane 28
Kalyan 45
Murbad 40
Bhivandi 50
Wada 65
Shahapur 106
Javhar 64
Mokhada 42.4
Ulhasnagar 43.8
Ambernath 40
Vikramgadh 30.5
Modak Sagar 49
Tansa 119
Tulshi(Mumbai) 31
Bhatsa 56
Barvi 37

Abhijit Modak said...

Ratnagiri district rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today(03-07-2013) :

Chiplun 142.9
Dapoli 81.4
Khed 92
Gughagar 213
Mandangad 74
Ratnagiri 58.6
Sangameshwar 212
Rajapur 105
Lanja 162

Abhijit Modak said...

Raigadh District rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today (03-07-2013) :

Alibaug 47.6
Panvel 12
Karjat 37
Khalapur 36
Uran 71
Sudhagad 86
Pen 35.2
Mahad 49
Mangaon 56
Roha 210
Poladpur 67
Murud 242
Shriwardhan 118.4
Mahasala 116
Tala 202

Heavy rain in South Raigadh Dist belt.

Abhijit Modak said...

Sindhudurg district rainfall in mm ending 8.30am today(03-07-2013)

Devgad 134
Malwan 125
Sawantwadi 183
Vengurla 127
Kankawali 168
Kudal 142
Vaibhavwadi 257
Dodamarg 143
Tillari 143

Whole district battered as above 125mm+ in all places.

emkay said...

Rajeshbhai, how come BB-4 cropped up on your blog after it was well into mainland !! You did not announce its entry !! ;)

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Emkay. BB-4 was formed on 23rd June !! check this link : http://rajesh26.blogspot.in/2013/06/as-token-of-appreciation-and.html

And it is lingering till now !!

emkay said...

Oh literally lost track of that post, thanks Abhijit and apologies Rajeshbhai.

Atul P Naik said...

As Predicted record rains in almost all parts of Goa in the 24 hrs period ending 8.30 am on July 3, 2013, notably:
Sanguem 214.4 mm
Margao 210.4 mm
In contrast Panjim got only 127.1 mm!

Atul P Naik said...

Valpoi becomes the first station in Goa to cross 1500 mm mark. Almost all other stations now near or above 1000 mm mark in Goa, 32 days into the season!

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir, it has been a very windy day here in Vasai, is it because BB4 is aproaching south gujrat and so its effect of heavy rains will be felt all over konkan,also looks like heavy rains might comence by night in Mumbai, north konkan south gujrat.

Abhijit Modak said...

Best effect of UAC : Indore 139mm till 8.30pm today for last 12hrs.

Nilesh Ladhad said...

any chance of rain in sambalpur sir

Rajesh said...

Nilesh: some chances of medium showers by 8th and 9th July..and then with BB-5

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