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With Systems absconding from the Bay, the winds turn SW along the AP Coast.."anti" sea breeze blows. And now AP Coast Heats up now !

Kakinada Sizzles at 47.4c on Saturday. The highest ever was 47.2c in 1923. Rentachintala 46.8c. Machillipatnam soared to 46.1c. 

Kakinada winds changed in the past 48 hrs, and a new record was set !  AP is not dry normally, so such a sudden rise and sizzler was unexpected.

Today's (Saturday)  Highest in Sub Continent  was Dadu (Pakistan ) at 48.5c. In India Allahbad saw 47.7c. New Delhi was at 44.4c and Chennai baked at 43.2c.

Makkah (S.Arabia) touched 50c today (Saturday).

See Mumbai Page for Mumbai/Pune Forecast


junaid said...

will the monsoon really advance in kerala tomoroow?????theri is no significant rainfall activity in kerala

Rajesh said...

junaid: Monsoon will most likely advance into kerala within next 36 hrs, by tomorrow night. We have to get 3 days of rain inexcess of 5 mms as per IMD norms.
Do not go by sat image, its a bit deceptive in non mass clouding types of clouds. Heaviest rains in kerala last 24 hrs:Kodungallur 80
Quilandy 40,Enamackel 20, Kannur 10.
Anyway lets wait..

Rajesh said...

junaid: Mangalore's all time record high is 37.4c in the city and 39.8c for airport...yes, HP went thru an heat wave due to absence of WD and striong dry Westerly winds from the extremes, the temperature range between day and night becomes more for hill stations as nights cool down compared to an overheated day...normally it would be less in the day, around 24c.
all the best for your exams...let me know when the results are out...if you dont mind -:)

Ron said...

it was drizzling at sion-dharavi area at 11:30pm...Also saw quite a bit of drizzle at vikroli at about 2am...

Anonymous said...


why the SWM is not moving forward for the past few days..Strong winds and patches of clouds from SW for the last two days at Baroda.

Ron said...

also a couple of my friends in panvel claim it was drizzling for 10-15min in the morning...between 6-7am...

junaid said...

todays day at panvel was damn hott!!!very unbearable!!

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