Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On Tuesday, Meaningfull resurging of the off shore trough along the west coast was limited to S.Konkan and Coastal Karnataka. Precipitation along the Karnataka coast (Honavar 42 mms) penetrated inland resulting in much awaited rainfall in N.I.Karnataka on Tuesday evening. Bijapur, Bagalkot, Raichur (24 mms), and Bellary are receiving good rainfall while moderate rains are seen in Hubli, Gadag and surrounding regions.

Coastal rains from Kerala are also moving into the Nilgiri Districts of TN. West TN may see some rains next 2 days (mentioned in vagaries' forecast map of Monday, republished again below). 
Coastal AP forecast remains as per Map.

In South Konkan, Ratnagiri is currently getting moderate rains, while Panjim guaged up 19 mms till 5.30pm Tuesday.

But, N.Konkan got nominal and scattered rainfall. Though heavy in few pockets, overall the day (Tuesday) saw thundershowers in a few places inland, and showers ranging from 5-25 mms in the day. Was expecting better rains in N.Konkan, including Mumbai Region on Tuesday/Wednesday. 

Mumbai had some showers on Tuesday, with thunder heads towering in the Eastern sky. (Thunder is forecasted for Tuesday).Though the rainfall during the day was very less, SCruz getting 3.6 mms, Colaba 0.6 mms and vagaries station 4.0 mms till 8.30pm Tuesday. Thane town measured 8 mms in the period.
Mumbai still has another day or two, so the precipitation can improve.

With a weak MJO phase prevailing, it is difficult for any trough or vortex to get moisture and "feeding". The off shore trough stands and remains strengthened for the next 2 days, due to a "shrunk" monsoon axis. 
No chance of Monsoon advancing beyond the current line soon.

In Pakistan, the WD has precipitated som rains in the North, heat continues to sizzle Balochistan and Sindh. 46c was the highest in Sibbi and Jacobabad, with Sukkur a close 45c. 
Dry, Windy, and dusty for Sukkur on Wednesday.


svt said...

June rainfall for Mumbai scz is 203.8 mm & for clb 128 mm.Doesnt look like we will touch 250 mm for month. Whats the lowest ever rainfall for June? I think we might start getting water cuts. Hopefully in July we get above normal rains.

junaid said...

no sign of rains today at panvel!!!!clear blue sky!!!;( its nt even partly cloudy!!

Rajesh said...

svt:Till June 27th morning, Clb total is 128 mms, Scruz is 204 mms and here at Vagaries is 122 mms. Sure looks difficult to reach over 250-300mms.
Water (see Mumbai Page) stock is for around 75 days..and water cut from July should be imposed.
lowest ever rainfall for June at Clb is 91.7 mms in 1947 and 71 mms for Scruz

junaid said...

@rajesh wat will be the weather of vengurla and amboli in the next 3 days?? M planning to visit thse placs,,,,really fed up of the hot and humid weathr here!!although tdays night was bettr!!!

Abhijit Modak said...

I think, Again looking like UAC formation taking place off Konkan Coast and weak off shore trough moving away from coast again towords sea ! So North Konkan again going for dry phase ! I think this because I noted some changes locally and they are again clear weather! Can see western ghats Bhimashankar range which are 30kms in East of Badlapur city & also more clearer blue sky & wind direction too changed instead of SW winds SE winds blowing from Morning ! So in next 48hrs picture will be clear that whether UAC really generating and if generated then beneficary for North Konkan or taking away North Konkan Rains into sea !

Abhijit Modak said...

Barvi dam belt, Badlapur in Thane District must have notched to 400mm mark till today 8.30am dated 27/06/2012 because yesterday evening & night period there were heavy spells of rain noted here.

Rajesh said...

junaid:Rainfall in amboli till 25th was 812 mms...the rainfall is less, weather is cloudy and foggy at times in amboli.
Abhijit: UAc is difficult till the trough itself gains some strength..parent has to be ready to host a child-:))
Barvi dam got 18 mms yesterday totaling 393 mms.

Abhijit Modak said...

@ Rajesh Thank you Sir for your reply . Ohh Just 7mm short of 400mm mark for Barvi dam, Badlapur region. Even being weak system of Monsoon over North Konkan then also Barvi dam belt manage to reach 400mm mark for June month & still 3 days remaining of June so might be reaching near 500mm mark then ! So in Whole Thane District Barvi Dam must be first to reach 400mm mark for June ..

Bhavik said...

Year Rainfall (mm)
24 Hours Highest(Date) Monthly Total

2011 184.4(12) 661.7
2010 119.9(25) 712.1
2009 92.8(27) 216.4
2008 161.7(7) 800.5
2007 209.6(24) 749.8
2006 180.4(1) 481.1
2005 118.7(24) 563.5
2004 81.1(18) 253.6
2003 158.8(20) 783.1
2002 76.2(27) 455.9

399.0(1974) 1037.1(1971)

Seems like the lowest record will be broken this time

sset said...

If people are making noise over Mumbai - which always gets excess of rains - what about Bangalore only 10mm of rain till june???

In fact on an average Bangalore 1-2 years of rain is equal to Mumbai 1 day of rain!!!!

Weekend ( 2nd - 4th) Outlook: Mumbai : Days warm around 31°c and nights around 21°c. Partly cloudy skies possible with smoggy conditions ( d...