Monday, February 07, 2011

The W.D., in all its glory and deep clouded strength is hanging around the Kashmir/H.P. and N.Pakistan areas since the last 4 days. Daily weather observers watching the satellite images have been seeing the dense clouding covering the crown of the Sub-Continent, with the "hair flying clouds" to the East ! Ok, this was expected, and we had discussed this in Vagaries that the W.D. would linger on till Tuesday, that is for 5 days at least, due to an anchoring low over the region.

BUT, where is the precipitation from this system? Looks huge and seems it could have rained off the countryside. But what we actually have got is a few mms of rain. Since the last 2/3 days its been just 4 mms cumulative in Srinagar, and the heaviest was in Quasigund with about 30 mms of accumulated rains since Friday. Some very isolated pockets on the higher reaches with 30-35 mms in 4 days. Otherwise just traces.

Some thunder rains in Punjab on Monday morning, but with very little measured rainfall till 8.30 am Monday.
Amritsar, Jullundur, Kapurthala and Katra in Jammu heard thunder, but saw less than 6 mms of rain overnite (Amritsar measured 6 mms). Dehra Dun is experiancing very light drizzle since early morning Monday.

Good CAPE and lifted index fails to produce equivaleny precipitation, till Monday morning, at leaast ! That's puzzling ! That's the Vagaries of the Weather!
So, we are waiting, in turn, for the post W,D, cold winds to sweep the plains of the Sub-Continent.
Let us wait, and see what Monday brings. Report will follow tonite.

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