Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Australia’s Woes explained by Mark..and record Oklahoma Snowfall..All on International Page Today.

F1 has disappeared as anticipitated. Its moving away has resulted in N winds sweeping the land areas of most of the sub-continent plains.

The system (F1) vanished fast with the associated low fizzling out, without any meaninfull effect in Nepal. Few places in Western Nepal, like Dadeldhura which received 15 mms and Jumla in the hills got 4.6 mms. Kathmandu was devoid of rain, in fact the day temperature went up to 26.7c.

N winds will cool down the plains region of Pakistan further next 2 days. A drop of 2/3c can be expected from todays minimums. Karachi has dropped to 11c on tuesday morning, with another 2c drop expected.Lwest in Sindh was 4c at Lasbella.

Cooler winds sweeping the plains of India have penetrated deep down into South India, and the entire South region is seeing below normal temperatures at night (map showing blue and purple in south In
In fact we see a cold wave in the North Karnataka and adjoining A.P. (purple) with the nights going down by 7c below the normal, at Belgaum, where the thermometer dipped to 9c. Several places were 5-7c below, qualifying for a moderate cold wave.
Some City temperatures and their departure from normal from N.Karnataka and adjoining A.P.region.

Anantapur 13 (-5)
Arogyavaram 12 (-4)
Bijapur 12
Chintamani 11
Gulbarga 13
Kurnool 17 (-2)
Medikeri 10
Nandyal 15 (-4)
Tirupathi AP 15 (-4)

Refering to the colour code of this IMD map, we should now see the blues and dark greens sliding Southwards from Tuesday night, for the next 3 nights.
Then, from Friday, 11th. Feb, things change again with F2 coming.


Neeraj said...

I couldn't read your blog for the past few days. The WD seems to have fizzled out. But it did precipitate some rain in Gurgaon, Haryana. For 20-25 minutes there was high wind and driving rain on 7th evening. Disappointed to know that it did not rain in Kathmandu nor did the day time temperature fall.But as you always say, its the vagaries of the weather.

Rajesh said...

yes,I have mentioned the Gurgaon rain on the post of 7th. itself.Thanks.