Friday, February 04, 2011

Mumbai Page Updated..

GROUNDHOG DAY STORM 2011, VIDEO'S CAPTURED!....and More Details on the U.S. Snow Storm, U.K. Weather and More From Our Partner’s Blog on the International Page….Terrific Coverage by Mark !

Several places in Pakistan received rains/snow,ranging from 32 mms in Dir and 18 mms in quetta to traces in Rawalpindi.Nokkundi measured 9 mms.

In India, Kashmir region got rain and snow in varied measure. Gulmarg had snow, while Srinagar was lashed by a thunderstorm at 2.30 pm on Friday.
Places in Punjab had traces of rainfall.

As mentioned, the W.D. will stay put, and precipitation will continue in Kashmir, H.P. and utteranchal in varied measures. Punjab, Haryana will get light rains with cloudy weather in delhi.
Precipitation will slide into Nepal from Monday, as per schedule .

In the South, 91B is lingering around the East coast of Sri Lanka at 7.5N and 83E. Expected to move W-SW and fade away.


Neeraj said...

I think a record has been broken in Kathmandu. yesterday's (Friday's) high was 26.5 celcius, which is quite unprecedented. Previous Feb Record high was i think 25.

Rajesh said...

absolutely a freak instance, too much of pre WD heating for the region.
Dont you think with the system appraoching Nepal from Monday, the temps will fall again ? Do you confirm 26.5c as the all time for Feb ? Can I add to records ?

Neeraj said...

Yes, i think the temp will fall back. But i am looking closely at today's temperature as well. Today is also quite hot.According to this it seems like a new record : . But i have not seen any official statement from the met department. I will let you know if they make a statement.

Rajesh said...

neeraj, Mumbai should be in the range of 31c - 18c on 11/12 Feb. And of-course clear weather.
Can you mail me your contact no. if its ok. Would like speaking with you while in Mumbai. Mail me at

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