Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Very Interesting Happening ! Mark's Blog shows a list of U.S. cities which have recorded a rise of 47 dergrees c in just last 3 days.And the highest jump of 60 degrees c in 3 days !!

F2 effect !

Heavy snowfall started in Srinagar city and other parts of the Valley in the morning with inches of snow accumulating on the Srinagar city roads. There was more reports of heavy snowfall since the morning have come in from Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Kargil, Drass, Banihal.
Authorities issued a medium danger avalanche warning in many parts of the Valley, including in upper reaches of Gulmarg.Fresh overnight snowfall around Jawahar tunnel and landslides at Digdole and Panthal, 134 kms from Srinagar, have resulted in closure of the 294-km-long highway
"People living in these areas are advised not to venture in steep avalanche prone slopes till 8 PM today," and in Srinagar and other towns in Kashmir, people are advised to keep clearing the snow from roof tops of their houses to avoid any causality due to roof collapse.

In H.P. tourists were delighted with fresh snow in Kufri, Narkanda, Manali, and Kalpa.

Kalpa and Sangla recorded 30 cm of snow while Narkanada and Khara patthar had20 cm of snow. Whereas Manali saw 51.4 cms of snow. Keylong recorded 45 cm of fresh snow while Killar in Pangi, Rohtang pass, Mari and Koksar recorded 70 cmto 90 cm of snow as snowfall was continuing.

The state's lower areas like Dharamsala, Shimla, Solan, Nahan, Chamba and Mandi received moderate rain.

In the plains there were light showers in Punjab, Haryana, Utteranchal and the "surprise factor" mentioned in Vagaries on the 11th.February of Rajasthan rain proved correct with showers in the N.Rajasthan today, Monday.

The low minimum temperatures today morning in N.India were:Leh -9c, Gulmarg -4c, Srinagar 0.1c, and Keylong -5c, Kalpa -1.6c.

In Pakistan, the effect was of good rainfall in the plains of Punjab and upper Sindh. On Monday morning, Rainfall ranging from 10-21 mms was reported from Sindh, and many places in the Northern regions recorded rainfall from 50-73 mms. Islamabad measured 54 mms of rain on Monday. Vagaries had forecasted rainfall in Karachi. The city got traces of rain, but Tyrone from there states there were reports of some localised showers in nearby areas.

Well, F2 has moved away from Pakistan now. Its precipitate effect will continue in India. Snow in Kashmir and showers in the Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Utteranchal and south Gujarat for Tuesday/Wednesday, and all U.P. areas on Wednesday/Thursday.. After Wednesday, F2 moves into the Eastern regions of India.

Yes, F2 forecasted precipitation happening in Nepal holds good.Rains have been recorded from the Western regions on Monday. Kathmandu shoots up to 27.5c on Monday. Pre W.D. heat ??

Forecast (made in Vagaries 3 days ago) for clouds and light rain in some areas of Mumbai on Wednesday remains.Expect some rains on Wednesday, due to the inflow from the SW in regions of S.Gujarat, including Bharuch.

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