Saturday, May 13, 2023

Update on Cyclone Mocha 13 May

Very rapid intensification of #CycloneMocha from category 1 (65 knots) to category 4 (115 knots) cyclone in last 24hrs.

In pre-monsoon season (April-June) in the Bay of Bengal since 2000 #CycloneMocha became the second most intense, rapidly intensifying cyclone, tied with April 2006 cyclone as per JTWC

Top 2 most intense rapid intensification

1. Cyclone Amphan (May 2020), which intensified by 65 knots in 24hrs

2. April 2006 and Mocha May 2023, which intensified by 50 knots in 24hrs

 It is tied with 3rd most intense TC in Bay in May since 1982 as per JTWC with a maximum wind speed of 115 knots as per JTWC.

Top 3 intense TC in Bay in May

1. Amphan (145 kts)

2. May 1990 (125 kts)

3. May 1997 and Mocha (115 kts)

The maximum convection (red shades) continued to be centered in the western, southwestern quadrant of Cyclone Mocha.

Figure: Microwave image loop of Cyclone Mocha from 12 May 00 UTC to 13 May 00 UTC. 

This Maximum convection in the western, southwestern quadrant of the cyclone is mainly due to asymmetric relative vorticity, with maximum vorticity in the southwestern quadrant of the cyclone and due to the influence of wind shear. The maximum convection is generally observed in down shear left quadrant of the cyclone. As the wind shear is from the southeast direction, so maximum convection is in the down shear left quadrant, that is in the western, southwestern quadrant of the cyclone.

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