Sunday, May 14, 2023

Records shattering Mocha

With a wind speed of 150 knots Cyclone Mocha equals the record of cyclone Fani of being the strongest north Indian Ocean cyclone since 1982 (including all months and both the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal).

Cyclone Mocha is the strongest cyclone on earth till date among all the 16 cyclones this year.

(Note Data is as per JTWC. Analysed by Vagarian Vineet.)

As per JTWC Cyclone Mocha made landfall with winds close to 135 knots.

Strongest cyclones in the North Indian Ocean having maximum winds of 115 knots or higher (as per Joint Typhoon Warning Center records):

Mocha (BoB, May 2023) 150 knots

Fani (BoB, May 2019) 150 knots

Amphan (BoB, May 2020) 145 knots

Gonu (AS, June 2007) 145 knots

1999 Super cyclone (BoB, October 1999) 140 knots

Phailin (BoB, October 2013) 140 knots

Sidr (BoB, November 2007) 140 knots

1991 (BoB, April 1991) 140 knots

Kyarr (AS, October 2019) 135 knots

Giri (BoB, October 2010) 135 knots

Chapala (AS, October 2015) 130 knots

Phet (AS, June 2010) 125 knots

1994 (BoB, April 1994) 125 knots

1990 (BoB, May 1990) 125 knots

Tauktae (AS, May 2021) 120 knots

Mala (BoB, April 2006) 120 knots

1999 (BoB, October 1999) 120 knots

1982 (BoB, April 1982) 120 knots

Hudhud (BoB, October 2014) 115 knots

Nilofar (AS, November 2014) 115 knots

Nargis (BoB, April 2008) 115 knots

1997 (BoB, May 1997) 115 knots

1996 (BoB, November 1996) 115 knots

Note: The naming of cyclones in the North Indian Ocean started from 2004.

Compilation  by Vagarian  Shreyas & Vagarian Vineet  



sridu said... this a sign of climate change and more to come or just one of the cyclones which just happened to be stronger than the others.

sset said...

Seems arabian sea will host a cyclone in this May month! Maharashtra Gujarat alert ?

Strong Western Disturbance is seen affecting the country and the subcontinent. Heavy rain and snow reported from Himalayas, and rain/thunder...