Sunday, May 14, 2023

Records by Cyclone Mocha updated (14 May )


It is the 4th strongest pre-monsoon season cyclone in the entire north Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal combined) in the satellite era (since 1982) as per JTWC.
This is only the fifth category 5 cyclone in the entire north Indian Ocean in the pre-monsoon season (April-June) since 1982.
Out of these five Category 5 cyclones since 1982, four are since 2007.

For the Bay of Bengal, this is the fourth category 5 pre-monsoon season cyclone since 1982, out of these four category 5 cyclones, three are since 2019 onwards.

Cyclone Mocha has undergone rapid intensification 2 times in its lifetime.

From the last 30hrs that is from 12 May 18 UTC to 14 May 00 UTC, Cyclone Mocha is maintaining at least a major cyclone (category 3+) status.

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