Thursday, April 20, 2023

After a Volatile March, North India/Peninsula India witnessed Pre Monsoon rain in early April 2023 also..

 As a result, the temperatures were low during the early April pre-monsoon period compared to last year.

India, especially the northern regions of the country, witnessed a cooler April this year, compared to 2022. 
From March 1 to April 12, the departure of the all-India cumulative rainfall from the long average period rainfall was over 19 per cent.

The rainfall in April is generally attributed to Western Disturbances in North India,. Depending on their intensity, duration and location, Western Disturbances can result in rain, snowfall, cold waves, and even flash floods in the region,”

This cannot be claimed as "Climate Change"...
“The impact of climate change can only be confirmed if a trend continues for 30 years,” Dr Gupta (IIM) said.

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