Wednesday, March 01, 2023

 1 March 2023

Weather summary for Delhi Safdarjung in February 2023

Delhi (Safdarjung) avg. maximum temperature in Feb 2023 was 27.7c which is the highest maximum temperature in February in the last 10 years. 

The attached graph shows the maximum and minimum temperature in Feb 2023 in Delhi, red dots when max. temperature >30c (6 days), blue dots when min. temp <10c. Data: IMD

Average maximum temperature in February 2023: 27.7C
Average minimum temperature in February 2023: 11.2C
Number of rainy days: 0
Total rainfall: 0 mm
This is only the third time since 2009 that Delhi Safdarjung recorded no rainfall in February.

Year-wise list of the number of days when Delhi Safdarjung maximum temperature is >30c in February

2023: 6 days 
2022: 0 day
2021: 6 days
2020: 0 day
2019: 0 day
2018: 5 days
2017: 3 days
2016: 5 days
2015: 0 day
2014: 0 day
2013: 0 day
2012: 1 day

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