Friday, March 25, 2022

From Maximiliano Herrera (27th March)

  •  Hallo Rajesh
  • hallo. Ganganagar 41.7C highest Temp ever in March

  • Kandla 42.6 March record tied

  • Pakistan 45.5 Nawabshah (tied highest reliable in March).

  • Jammu 37.3 also hottest march day ever

Weekend estimate 25th-28th March. 😎🌞

Weather report for Mumbai

Into the weekend,  a few clouds are expected, and more clouding in the course of day. That is, sunny spells are forecasted. Temperatures peaking at 36°C. ( Real Feel 36c). By afternoons, afternoon a gentle breeze is expected

Weather report for Pune

On the weekend,  few clouds are expected. with warm sunny spells. Temperatures peaking at 37 °C. ( Real Feel 36c). With UV-Index rising to 7, sun protection is recommended. During the night and in the pre dawn , it will get cooler at 21/22c.

Compiled by Vagarian Vineet Kumar

Weather report for Aurangabad

We can see a mixture of cloudy and sunny skies. Temperatures as high as 37 °C are expected. The UV-Index climbs up to 8, Nights also warmer at 25c.

Weather report for Delhi

 Night and in the morning clear skies in the afternoon a few clouds are expected. Overall a sunny day. Temperatures peaking at 37 °C. With a UV-Index as high as 8 Windy at times with Gusts to 35 km/h are possible. Winds blowing from Northwest. 

Weather for Goa

Chances of rain with thunder on Friday and Saturday. Days around 31c. Gusty winds during showers.

Weather Report for Belgaum

Friday and Saturday in  the afternoon there is a chance of thunderstorms and local showers. Almost no sunshine can be expected. There is a high chance of Precipitation. Temperatures as high as 32 °C are foreseen.

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