Saturday, March 05, 2022

 Latest on System BB-2...Posted Saturday 11pm IST:

                    ADT-Version 9.0                
         Tropical Cyclone Intensity Algorithm       

             ----- Current Analysis ----- 
     Date :  05 MAR 2022    Time :   151500 UTC
      Lat :   11:18:05 N     Lon :   83:11:05 E

          CI# /Pressure/ Vmax
          2.3 / 1009mb /  33kts

       Center Temp :  -8.5C    Cloud Region Temp : -15.7C

* Intense Convective clouding spreading towards NE.
* Ridge in South Peninsula in NW of System will steer the system towards West from Saturday Night
* Currently estimated core winds at 50-60 kmph, will weaken to 45-55 kmph by Sunday Morning.
* Rainfall expected on Sunday/Monday in Chennai 20-30 mms. 
In Puducherry  Squally winds and 15-25 mms on Sun/Mon.

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