Monday, March 14, 2022

Posted 14th March

Mumbai...very hot yes..but some relief in site...:16th March onwards, daytime temperature can see some drop with early setting in of sea breeze. 

(Hot weather with heatwave like conditions for Mumbai and Konkan, not uncommon for March!) 

Mumbai max (Santacruz) will be settling at the late 30s, around 36-38°C due to dry easterly winds. With sea breeze setting in, we can witness reduction of day temperature earlier over Western suburbs and south Mumbai compared to other regions. Real feel will be 36/37c,  as humidity will be low in the day and increasing to moderate levels by evening/night. 

Mumbai March Records

Eastern outer townships of Mumbai and Thane district likely to witness around 40°C temperature. Min temperature to be around 22-23°C.

Interior Maharshtra (Marathwada/Vidharbh) around 39/40c this week.

Pune max temperature will be around 35-36°C. Min pleasant around 18°C.

Gujarat expected to heat up tis week, with Ahmedabad touching 40c. Saurashtra will range around 40c. South Gujarat coast will be hot.

Bharuch can touch 42c this week.

No Rainfall recorded in India last 48 hrs...

Prepared by Vagarian Shreyas Dhavale

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