Friday, July 03, 2020

Posted 12 Noon 3rd July Friday:

On Friday 3rd, Heavy Rains lash South and Central Mumbai;

Rainfall till 8.30 am: Colaba 58 mms, Scruz 11mms, Colaba Pumping Stn : 75 mms, Nariman Pt.67 mms, Goregaon & CST 60 mms, Kandivali 24 mms, 

Rainfall from 8.30 am - 12 noon Friday: 
Colaba Pumping Stn 125 mms,  Nariman Pt.113 mms, Dadar (Pvt) 102 mms, CST  100 mms, Malabar Hill 83 mms, Haji Ali 78 mms.

Jui Nagar 42 mms ,  Kopar Khairane 24 mms, Nerul 43 mms, Vashi 28 mms.
Figs from Mumbai Mesonet Obs.

Mumbai: Heavy showers to continue into Saturday, (Can expect 150-200 mms between Friday and Saturday). Slightly decreasing on Sunday
Pune: Rains on Friday evening and frequent showers on Saturday.Decrease from Sunday.. 

On Thursday 2nd/3rd,   MTC ( 700/600 hpa) developed over N. Kokan and moving N/NW. Chances over Gujarat by 5th. Rains expected in Gujarat and Kutch on 5th and 6th.
Very heavy rains in Surat on Sunday 5th (125-150 mms) and  in Bharuch and Saurahtra ( Junagadh)  on Satuday 4th and Sunday 5th.
System moving West thence.. 

On Request:
Delhi NCR, next 4 days,  will be partly cloudy and hot. Light rain in some parts.Day temperature around 37-39c.

Rainfall expected in Karachi on 6th and 7th.

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shiekhz said...

Load of thanks Rajesh Sir for mention Karachi

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rajesh. That was an excellent forecast. Good to see the monsoon in Mumbai finally, always a delight to get that special feel. Hope the lake catchment areas get some good rains too in this spell till the weekend.


sanjeev Gokhale said...

Rainy day in Mumbai finally. Sir your prediction was perfect as usual. Great. Now expecting more sustained rain in catchment area near Mumbai.

sset said...

Colaba Navy Nager 250mm

Abhijit Banerjee said...

Please forecast about Kolkata. Rain stopped here since 29th June.Heavy humidity and scorching heatwaverunning alingwith straight Sunray here.We are gasping here.

ASP said...

When can we expect proper rainfall in kolkata

sset said...

Quantum of rains over MAHA Mumbai is twice vagaries has predicted?
Non stop torrential rains for 48 hrs over Navi Mumbai - roaring waterfalls. When will rains stop?

As per skymet deluge for MAHA GUJ is this true??

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