Thursday, July 16, 2020

Struggling Monsoon continues around of Catchment areas of Triangular cities of Maharashtra

Lets be clear that once again last 48 hrs active spell was confined to only Coastal Region of North Konkan while Interior N.Konkan with ghats section and catchment area (Dams) of Mumbai, Pune & Nashik continues to struggle!

To show how heavy rains sticking to coastal and are not widespread in nature this monsoon till now, as beyond Thane belt hardly it is raining from last 3 days! With mostly seeing single digit rains while triple digits are recorded on coastal! So below is rainfall detail of same.

Thane dist rainfall trend clearly shows how rainfall completely devoid interiors

Some rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am of 15 July 2020

Thane 27
Diva 18
Ulhasnagar 16
Mumbra 15
Badlapur 7
Bhiwandi & Dombivli 6
Shahapur & Ambarnath 3
Kalyan & Titwala 2
Murbad & Ambivli 1

Thane dist interiors in eastern side continues to be elude from heavy rains for 2nd straight day were Mumbai lakes are situated! 

Some rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am today dated 16-7-2020 

Mumbra 45
Diva 32
Bhiwandi 23
Dombivli 14
Kalyan 13
Badlapur 8
Shahapur 5
Ambernath & Ambivli 4
Ulhasnagar 2
Murbad 1

So Mumbai Lakes Position continues to be grim as on 16th July is on Actual 3.73 lml of Total Capacity 14.47 lml !! That is just 26% full. Last two years on same date storage was double at 50 & 64% respectively.

While Nashik Region on 30% & Pune region Dams having 29% live storage as on today


Kaustubh said...

Sir this year there are hardly any low pressure systems from bay which is resulting in poor rainfall in interiors, is this the main reason?. any bay low in coming days?

Deepak said...

Rajesh sir is there any bay low in Comming days which provide wide spread heavy rain in Mumbai and near dam Area

sset said...

Disastrous impact on +IOD (warming Arabian sea).... same as SWM 2019. During NEM not a single system formed over SE bay. SWM 2020 no systems forming over coastal KAR, KER all are deficit.

sset said...

No rains over Malnad, Kodagu Cauvery is almost dry similar to SWM 2016

Sarfaraj khan said...

Now what are hopes for interior section?

Mihir said...

Sir , Till now BOB is not active yet. what's reason behind it?. Generally BOB should be active till this time period. gujarat, rajasthan , haryana, punjab and delhi not getting significant rainfall.

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