Thursday, July 23, 2020

Posted 23rd July Afternoon:

Farmer's weather for Marathwada: Good and heavy showers in Aurangabad District on 23rd Thursday and 24th Friday.Around 10-20 millimeters per day spread out in the region. May cause water accumulation in fields... Rains becoming less from Sunday. Partly sunny weather expected from Sunday and decrease in rains.

Weak Surface Low and UAC forms over off Kerala Coast.
Spotty showers in Mumbai on Wednesday night.  with Scruz IMD recording 49 mms and Colaba IMD recording 0.4 mms.
Mumbai Water Supplying Lakes:

438,584 million litres
Live storage as on last date of update. At 30.3% of combined live storage across all lakes compared to 56.64% same time last year. Annual requirement: 1,447,363 million litres, Total capacity: 1,778,000 million litres].

Mumbai will see partly cloudy weather on Friday and Saturday 24th/25th, with few showers varying between 10-25 millimetres. Slightly more rain showers with thunder on Sunday 26th.

Pune: After some good showers on Thursday 23rd, Pune may see spotty showers upto 5 millimetres per day on Friday/Saturday and Sunday.

Goa: Moderate showers of heavy intensity at times..intermittent..around 20-35 mms/day till Sunday 

Delhi: Warmer weekend for Delhi as rains decrease.
Surat: Moderate showers on 23rd and 24th..varying from 10-30 mms.
Valsad will get moderate showers on Friday and Saturday.
Showers expected in Saurashtra 25th/26th..concentrating on West and Coast.


Unknown said...

How will be NEM in Tamilnadu this year

Unknown said...

How will be NEM in Tamilnadu this year

sanjeev Gokhale said...

Thank you sir for updates. Specially Mumbai water supply lake levels. Sir the change font and size is OK but earlier font with new size may be more readable. My views.

sset said...

Kerala massive deficit since SWM 2020 onset.... any chances of revival or this is like SWM 2016 pattern?

Tyrone said...

Rajesh, is any rains expected for Karachi on Sunday / Monday? I had see the NWP charts earlier this week, which showed a UAC forming near Gujarat. Can you please confirm? Thanks

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