Thursday, May 21, 2020

Posted 21st May:

Shifting attention from "Amphan" to South West Monsoon now...

Quote from Thai Met Department today..The rather strong southwest monsoon prevails across the Andaman Sea and Thailand. Heavy rains will be forecast in some parts of Thailand. People in the areas should beware of severe conditions. The moderates wind waves are likely in the Andaman Sea."

Winds show strengthening for Monsoon to advance into complete Andaman area in next 2 days..

Good favourable winds getting ready in Andaman advance soon..

850 level winds
200 Jets winds now getting to steer Easterlies from the Andaman sea..

Total Precipitable Water

And 850 winds strong Westerlies and  favourable  OLR and  Total Precipitable Water moving West towards the Advancing region.. seeing advance over Maldives next 3 days...

Heat Wave:
Heat increase likely in Gujarat, M.P. and Delhi in the next 3 days.
Delhi will see Day temperatures rising to 43/44c.


Kaustubh said...

Seeing conditions favourable for advancement of monsoon over Maldives and rest of andman and nicobar islands, sir do you think monsoon can reach Kerala in time?

Kaustubh said...
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sset said...

Andhra terrible heat wave started. Parts of AP touch 46 - 47c overtaking RAJ.

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