Saturday, May 16, 2020

17th morning 
Keeping watch on the dry air movement.. No problem yet 

Cyclone "Amphan" forms in Bay. 

Posted 16th Evening 7 pm
BB-1...Still at Deep Depression stage ans almost stationary at 10.8N and 86.33 E...996 mb...but with Estimated winds at 60-65 Kmph.....No Eye visible as on 16th evening.
Next Stage Cyclone Sunday Morning !
Track: Same as shown...

Posted 16th May ..Saturday 12.30 pm:

BB-1..A Deep Depression now, at 10.8N and 86.3E. Estimated pressure 998 mb and Estimated winds at 55 kmph.
Considering the same favourable conditions, like SST 31c/Upper Winds Divergence/MJO, system will intensify into Cyclone by as early as 17th May.."Amphan"

Track shown in image....towards West Bengal/Bangladesh.
Odisha and West Bengal and Bangladesh..Brace up for Strong winds and gusts to 80-90 kmph by Saturday evening.

See Below..TPW good now..↓.⇊. I only hope the dry winds do not encircle from West and South.

Meanwhile the UAC over Maldives has weakened..with today's Rainfall: Kaadhedhoo 6.7 mms, Gan 2.6 mms, Kahdhoo 0.2 mms, Male: Trace.

Yesterday rains in Maldives were from the massive pull effect of BB-1, and winds confluence from NW and W.

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