Thursday, March 12, 2020

Posted Thursday Morning:


Mumbai has had very variable and extreme weather (as per Mumbai normals) since the last 1 month, 30 days.
From hot weather in the 2nd half of February to a a pleasant March so far. 
From rising to 38c in latter half of February to the days around 30c and Nights a "pleasant" 20c in March 1st half.

March  First  Few Days 

Now, Summer will be showing up from Saturday 14th:

As the winds change direction, Saturday will see a rise to 34c, and Sunday 15th even more to 36c. Sea breeze onset time will play a crucial role in the movement of the day temperatures for Mumbai.

Even hotter at 38-40c from Sunday 15th will be interior North Konkan places like Badlapur, Panvel, Karjat and Thane to an extent.


sset said...

True as per vagaries yesterday was cold- night was like winter chill in Navi Mumbai.

Interesting information

We found only ten extreme positive Indian Ocean Dipole events in the entire record. Four occurred in the past 60 years, but only six occurred in the remaining 440 years before then. This adds more weight to evidence that positive Indian Ocean Dipole events have been occurring more often in recent decades, and becoming more intense.

Extreme +IOD does no good for NEM - less and unreliable rain for SE India - Rayalseema,Anantapur,Tamil Nadu- more droughts no bay system.
West coast may enjoy above normal extended monsoon system like 2019 SWM - for MAHARASHTRA.

sset said...

Again climate has become cold in Mumbai....not good. This may increase coronavirus (strong sunlight makes them inactive)

sset said...

Cold chilly winter like winds blowing entire night in Navi Mumbai.
Usually March is the month when Konkan registers maximum temperature of the year (3rd - 4th week of March).

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