Saturday, March 21, 2020

Posted Saturday 21st Night:

Special Mumbai/Pune Weather:

Saturday 21st saw pleasant temperatures in Mumbai. 
Day temperatures on 21st around Mumbai as per data compiled by Vag.Abhijit: 
Scruz 30.6c, Colaba 30.8c, CSMT 28.5c, Shivdi 29.3c, IIT Powai 32.5c , Thane 33.5c, Badlapur 34.9c and Karjat 37c.

What is the weather likely to be in the coming week for Mumbai region ...temperatures vary in different parts of the city, so generalized locations can be estimated:

--Sunday22nd/Monday 23rd /Tuesday 24th: 
SantaCruz: Mainly clear with Maximum around 32-33c. Nights just about pleasant at 22/23c. No sharp rise in humidity.

(Thane will be 2/3c hotter than Mumbai..Forecast of weather same.)

Interior Eastern Townships of Mumbai (Kalyan, Badlapur, Karjat ) : Days will be getting hotter to reach 39-40c. 
--Wednesday25th/Thursday 26th/Friday:  

Santa Cruz: Somewhat cloudy and windy..Days around 31-33c..varying more in diffrent parts of city. Nights around 23/24c, increase in humid conditions.

Interior Eastern Townships of Mumbai (Kalyan, Badlapur, Karjat ):  Hot days around 39-40c, and cloudy on 25th and 26th. Chances of rain in some parts on 26th.
Nights getting warmer and humid.from Tuesday 24th .

--Sunday22nd/Monday 23rd /Tuesday 24th: Partly cloudy post afternoon..Days around 35/36c and nights lingering around 17-19c.

--Wednesday 25th/Thursday 26th/Friday: Light showers expected on 25th and 26th. Temperatures will be slightly lower by 2/3c in the daytime.

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sset said...

Vagaries prediction was exactly correct on spot !
It was indeed cool and chilly yesterday night over Navi Mumbai !

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