Saturday, March 28, 2020

Posted 28th March Afternoon:

Northern  India: Kashmir, H.P, Uttarkahand, Punjab &Haryana :Massive rainfall/snow in Upper reaches as  27th March from WD ...

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sset said...

Southern India Tamil Nadu Madurai boils at 39-40c... Many places in SE India range 38c ++.
Concern is not much pre-monsoon rains - all rains are still over Northern India due to WDs. WDs may need to weeken for rains to appear over Southern India? Hope 2020 IOD comes to neutral or -ve for benefit of SE India.
Seems no direct relation between summer heat and deadly COVID-19 - RNA gene protein may still survive.

  Posted 21st October A   Western Disturbance is  to affect  North India starting October 22. This system will have an effect over the hilly...