Monday, March 16, 2020

Earth's Magnetic Field and Arctic Sea Ice Anomalies (947)

Another icebreaker stuck in “unexpectedly thick” Arctic ice – Video

What?!?! That ice is supposed to be all gone. How are they getting stuck?
“What is this?” asks David Dubyne. “The third year in a row that we’ve seen climate-change scientists rescued from vessels in both the southern and northern hemispheres due to ice too thick?”
“That ice is supposed to be all gone,” says Dubyne. “How are they getting stuck? And yet, here we are. Another icebreaker stuck in unexpectedly thick Arctic ice.
“We lack even the basic observation of the climate process in the central Arctic from winter, explains the research expedition leader, Markus Rex.
“What?!?!” exclaims Dubyne. “I thought the science was settled.”
Thanks to Winston Smith for this video


Unknown said...

Please don't mix up this with larger climate changes that are happening on earth. We are getting sudden unexpected rains in south india every year now at different places - it was Chennai in 2016 or 17, it was Madikeri and Kerala in 2018 and 2019 saw huge floods in North karnataka in early monsoon and drought later. Rivers overflow for sometime and then we have drought... Temperatures have gone up in most of the cities in Karnataka that I have lived in... Bangalore is a typical case where I have been watching the weather since 1978. I think you are falling for pseudo science ... It's possible that big cycles like solar cycles or magnetic field of earth is beyond our control... but pollution and heat index that we are experiencing now is not something we saw 25 years back.

Abhi said...

I also believe that Climate change is happening, right before our very eyes. The beach at Dadar where I spent my childhood is almost gone now- taken over by the rising sea. Similar things are happening all over the world. Heat is abnormally high for years now. People in Europe to Asia have experienced extreme heat in summers which is longer in duration than ever before.
Just denying this and saying there is no change is like putting your head in the sand in front of danger.
There is no denying that overall ice has reduced from the Arctic as well as Antarctica. In some places it may be thicker due to irregular distribution.
Also this consistent attack on an observable fact like climate change is repulsive - I have stopped visiting this site as frequently as I used to before.

sset said...

Guess some corrections required
2016 - Entire southern India suffered serious drought (specially NEM failed), while rest of country received normal - excess rains
2017 - NEM was just fair
2018 - NEM failed
2019 - Culprit was strong +IOD (excess warming of AS compared to Bay) - no systems formed over Bay - NEM was just barely, most of mercy rain fell tail end of long over due SWM (due to +IOD)

sset said...

We have complex systems SWM, WDs, NEM, pre-monsoon, post-monsoon all trying to oppose each other and get influenced by global warming, destruction of forests, pollution, environment destruction....

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