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25 MARCH 2020..NEW YEAR..
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NEW YEAR AVERAGES(2000 to 2019)..
Duration : 16 March to 13 April

This is the start of summer season over most of the country .

a) Interior (more than 7 kms inland from the sea):
(Thane city , Kalyan Dombivali , Navi Mumbai , Badlapur Karjat , Shahapur Asangaon ,Murbad,Pedne)

It gets dry and hot during the day .Temps can go upto 40 c many times during this period.West (sea) breeze effect is felt during late evening .Nights get relatively cooler as we move inland from the sea. Daily temp range is higher than the coastal areas nearer to the sea.

b) Coastal (upto 7 kms inland from the sea):
West (sea)breeze effect keeps the maximum temp at check.The more closer to the sea, more is the west (sea) breeze effect which keeps the max temp in more check.Though on few days , delayed onset of the west breeze can cause daytime temps to rise with dry conditions.
Mostly humid,breezy and sunny weather prevails.Daily temp range decreases compared to the winter season.
Goa coast is bit warmer and humid than the North Kokan coast.
(Mumbai western suburbs, Ratnagiri,Panji)

The plateau mostly remains hot and dry. Humdity during day time drops below 20 % , on few occasions dropping below 10%.
The western part of the plateau generally has cooler nights (Nasik , Pune) after dry hot daytime.Daily temp range is high.

The hotness increases as we move South East / East across the plateau (Solapur , Nagpur).
Vidarbha (East Maharashtra Nagpur) starts to heat up and gains the coveted title of the world's hottest region from roughly mid April to mid May.

The dry heat is sometimes punctured by hit and miss thunderstorms which generally follow the lwd (Line of Wind Discontinuity).

☈ (see the post below for today's thunderstorm over Pune and leeward side of the Deccan)

Bengaluru is hot and dry but still , daytime temps are less compared to Hyderabad or the North Deccan plateau because of the higher altitude of the south Karnataka Deccan plateau.
The dry heat is sometimes punctured by hit and miss thunderstorms which generally follow the lwd (Line of Wind Discontinuity).
 The thunderstorms of Karnataka Deccan can be more pronounced.

The valley has spring during this time of the year .Navreh is celebrated by the Kashmiri pandits.
Tenperature is similar to that of winter of the North India plains.
The sunny and dry cold weather gets wet, chilly and rainy during western disturbances.


Rajesh said...

Rohit: Back to the original ! Festive Weather Series ! I like this cocept and information, and now you have covered a bigger area.
I specially like the break up "If in March" and "If in April" an idea of your detailed thinking.
Good effort and keeping us all busy in these trying times...Well Done..Keep them coming !

Rajesh said...

Should read "Concept"...

Abhijit Modak said...

Rohit, Awesome Festive Series as usual. With this we get to know about climate averages across the country for particular festival period !

Happy Gudi Padwa & New Year to all Readers..

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Rajesh Sir and Abhijit..

Rawat said...

Please also provide same set of data for northern plain including Delhi NCR

NilaY Wankawala said...

Congratulations vagaries for jumping into first 50. Congratulations to contributors who keeps on updating this blog.

shiekhz said...

Hello sir Rajesh hope you are with good health, its been light rain since yeaterday in Karachi... any chances of tunderstorm?

Rajesh said...

Shiekhz: Thanks all fine all take care too.
Expecting only one days rain on Thursdya ..getting clear from friday..rains due to divergence in upper air from SW toward mostly higher clouds

shiekhz said...

Thanks sir, will read your articles on monsoon during this lock down :)

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