Saturday, January 04, 2020

Posted Saturday 4th Night:

J-2: A WD is expected over Central and Northern Pakistan regions on the 5th , Sunday.
Light rains in Karachi on Sunday.

WD (J-2) expected to move East and enter North India on 6th/7th...covering large areas like Kashmir, Ladakh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarkhand and West U.P. and North Rajasthan by 7th. Where precipitation is expected to bring cold weather. Rains and 
Delhi: Rains expected with thunder on 7th. Rise in night temperatures.
Jabalpur to get showers on 8th.

An UAC has formed, and now is over the Lakhadweep area. In the next 3 days, this UAC will form an upper trough as shown..

At Sea level, there is a possibility of an off shore West coast trough forming by 7th.

Mumbai: Cool weather till Monday. After, Monday, if the above troughs form, Mumbai may expect a rise in temperatures (Minimum) on 6th/7th, as there may be the formation of clouds.
Pune: Cold till Monday. After Monday, expecting clouds appear. Result: Rise in minimum temperatures from 6th.

Mumbai/Pune/Nasik / Aurangabad and Madhya Maharastra nights to get cooler after 9th.

Cloudy along Konkan and Karnataka Coast.

Cold gusty winds in Saurashtra and Coastal Gujarat on 8th/9th.


Neeraj said...

WD's coming one after the other. J3 already looks a possibility.

shiekhz said...

Offshore trough in jan :o

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