Friday, January 10, 2020

Posted 10th January Morning:

1. Western Disturbance J-3 approaching the Indian Sub Continent on 11th Jan.

2. 11th Jan precipitation from J-3 in  Regions of Western Pakistan , Northern Pakistan and Kashmir. 

3. On 12th: Moving East, the cold front system will bring rains/snow to Entire Pakistan and Kashmir, H.P,  and Ladakh.
Karachi will receive showers on 12th..light to moderate. Gusty winds along coast .

4.On 13th: Heavy rains/snow in Kashmir, Ladakh and H.P. and parts of Uttarakhand. Moderate to heavy commence rains in Punjab and Haryana, Delhi, and moderate rains in Rajasthan, parts of Kutch, Saurashtra and West M.P.
Delhi: Showers on 13th with fall in day temperatures.

Rainfall and system weakens considerably after 14th..not much in areas to the East.

5. Normal to medium NE winds continue along the Tamil Nadu coast till the 14th. Season changes around 14th as winds turn Easterly.

Mumbai: Days will start to get a bit warmer, with people feeling the afternoon sun , from Friday 10th for next 4 days till 14th. Day temperatures will show a rise of 34 degrees to reach 33/34c. Nights will be moderate , but not cool. Weather will get pleasant again Mumbai style by Tuesday 14th
Pune: Also seeing a slight warming with day and night temperatures showing a rise this weekend.

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