Monday, January 13, 2020

# Festive weather series .. Makar Sankranti
21st century averages (2000 to 2019)
East India / North India 

The festival is during the core winter season over India ..

1. East India  
East India has cool weather during Makar Sankranti ..
Bengal is cooler than Orissa plains due to it's more northerly latitude.
Bengal and Interior Orissa can get cold at times.
Bengal can also have cool day conditions.
Diurnal temp range is lower than Western India.

2. North India plains  
North India has foggy and cool to cold weather during Makar Sankranti ..
North India can get very cold.
It may rain due to passing Western disturbances and cold day conditions may prevail.


Unknown said...

You are doing some outstanding analysis this season Rohit, Must be a herculean effort to painstakingly compile the data. Great show!


Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Suresh

Rajesh said...

Great effort and good that you are covering North as per request...keep it up

Manoj said...

Nice work Rohitji..and good you have included other regions also...we read the vagaries blog from every region...regards Manoj

Rohit Aroskar said...

Thanks Rajesh sir and Manoj

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