Saturday, December 05, 2020

 Posted 5th December 1 pm:

The Cyclone "Burevi" , now as  depression in the Gulf of Mannar, will further weaken to a "Well Marked Low" state. Will then merge with the UAC off the Kerala Coast by 6th/7th. 

The system, again BB-14, will travel as a WML Westwards (estimate 1008 hpa) into the Arabian Sea, and enlarge its outreach.

Outer isobars may stretch to the Gujarat coast at 1010 hpa /1012 hpa. around 10th/11th, and with moisture incursion due to the WD, bring some light rains in Saurashtra.

A Western Disturbance will approach Jammu & Kashmir, Ladakh & H.P.. Bringing Rains/Snow in these states on 7th/8th.

from Vagarian Gokul


sanjeev Gokhale said...

Sir you said about BB 15 earlier. Is it there? Mumbai is experiencing Better climate now but days are still hot.yourconments sir?

Rajesh said...

Tamil Nadu Rainfall: Deviation from rainfall is now +3%.
Rayalseema had a great south west monsoon and now i is having a great north east monsoon.
Same is the case for coastal AP.

So south east corner of india is doing fine and as we all know it is not turning into a desert.
I notice that fellow weather enthusiast SSET is not posting anything on this now... Saurabh

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