Sunday, December 10, 2017

Monitoring Mumbai's Mangroves: See Article on Mumbai Page

Posted Sunday Night:

Weather System of the Day: Western Disturbance D-1.....over North India with Induced Low over Punjab/North Rajasthan on Monday.
Rain expected from this system in J&K, H.P, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, West U.P. And North Rajashthan . The WD is not of extreme nature and moderate rains/snow expected on 11th Monday, 12th Tuesday and 13th Wednesday. 

City weather for 11th/12th and 13th December:
Mumbai: Next 3 days will be clear and prevailing W/NW winds. Likely to clear the fog and smog seen in Mumbai for the last 2 days. Night temperatures likely to fall from Wednesday morning. 
Pune: With clear skies, the nights are expected to get colder, dropping to around 11/12c by Wednesday morning.

Srinagar: Rains expected on Monday and turning to snow on Tuesday 12rh and Wednesday. cold temperatures with days below 7c.
DelhiNCR: Light/Medium rainfall in many parts will realise in a rise in the night temperature minimums. Days will get cooler at 23/24c.
Colder days next week in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan.

Bangalore: Next 3 days will be misty in the morning, and the day-night temperature range will be between 29c-16c.
Kolkata: With the rains clearing, the days wil  get warmer to 27c, and mornings will be foggy.


Rawat said...

Sir,I want to know about"high altitude fog"formation in north india.In January 2013 it appeared in north india on many days.During that spell Chandigarh recorded lower max than Sringar,Delhi recorded 9.8℃ max.I feel that kind of cold is extreme.Both max and min are very low.Is there any possibility of such fog formation this winter?

Unknown said...

What happened with bay, very less systems this NEM. Season about to end.We need rain , but no cloud even. Why it is happening. NEM is failure almost half of the time in last 15 years.

sset said...

All bloggers please read to Prabhakaran message. SE India is in high risk of desertification in years to come but same opposite is happening over RAJ/GUJ becoming wetter and ofcourse MAHA is now wettest place / KER and KAR are no more in tops.... but action needs to be taken by environment and respective state ministers....

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