Thursday, September 07, 2017

Posted Thursday 7th Night:

1. UAC formed off Karnataka Coast.
2. UAC likely to form off A.P. Coast by 8th September.

3. 200 level jet streams well established as  Westerlies Completely...North of 27N Line.
4. Initial formation of Anti Cyclone (High Pressure) noticed and observed.
5. Instigating Withdrawal of South West Monsoon from Sindh and West Rajasthan in the next 3/4 days. 

Mumbai: Friday: Thunder Showers likely towards afternoon. If the showers decrease on Saturday (possible) , then again Sunday will see fairly increased rains over Saturday.
Fairly heavy showers likely in Roha and region around.
Pune: Weekend will see heavy thunder showers in many parts of city. Could expect upto 20 mms on Friday. 

Thunder Showers in Marathwada and Vidharbh this weekend. 
Showers likely on Friday/Saturday and Sunday in Akola...around 15-25 mms per day.
Aurangabad will get fairly heavy thunder showers this Friday and Saturday.
Rains likely on Friday and Saturday in Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Delhi NCR: Weekend will see NW winds, with rising day temperatures...rising to 36/37c by Monday.
Showers in Saurashtra next week.


Cumulus arjun said...

Yeah, also other weather forecasters predicting stormy weather(thunderstorms) in Mumbai from 8th September

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much Rajesh sir for your forecast....and yeah it rained in nagothane past night ...with lightning but no thunder ....

Cumulus arjun said...

Another vagaries prediction goes correct, pouring at Goregaon

Vijayanand said...

Rain in bangalore continuing. Heavy rain with wind last evening. City IMD record 60mm. My place gottigere records 43 mm. Rains started at 7.20 pm and came in from north east.

Vijayanand said...


CITY IMD AT 1020 mm
GOTTIGER at 1014 mm

Many parts of south and cbd at 900 mm to 1000 mm

Annual rain fall is 970mm.

So most parts of bangalore in and around the annual rain fall number.

Sunny said...

Sset has nothing to say ....on banglore rains .
Chanting ....desertification of banglore etc...
This year Banglore is getting better rains then delhi .
Delhi is already 35% deficient and monsoon is about to withdraw soon.

sset said...

Myself not against any state... reason thunders have developed in interiors is mainly due to break monsoon periods, monsoon withdrawal, troughs... unfortunately last year they were absent... it is yet to be seen how NEM shapes up immediately after SWM withdrawl. Having said that nothing can beat massive july rains over GUJ/RAJ floods sustained 3 digit figures for entire month.

sset said...

Good news is river linking initiation plan - hope southern rivers and northern rivers get united...

Vijayanand said...

Free burnol..Free burnol ..hahhahha
For some one who is feeling so very unhappy after rains in SI Karnataka and NI Tamil
Any idea who it is..hahhha

He who never compares Pune and Bangalore rains
He who never speaks about vidarba
He who never speaks about marathwada
He who thinks panvel is wetter than Amazon rain forest
Whose favourite term for 2017 is "GUJ/RAJ floods"

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