Monday, September 04, 2017

Posted Monday 4th  Night:

Initial Basic developments observed for South West Monsoon Withdrawal:

1. An Anti Cyclone has formed in the 200 level jet streams over Sindh Region. This will move and create an upper air trough (at that level) in next 2/3 days which may form along the 25N line....thus transforming the Jet streams to Westerlies.  Anti cyclone could form/slide in lower levels.

2. Moisture decrease in NW region observed.

3. Drier air (SWest/ West) along NW India is bringing less rains in Northern India plains. The rains are restircted to the Himalayan Hills, as the Monsoon Axis n in the foothills.

 Monsoon withdrawal may start from Sindh/West Rajasthan from 8th/9th September.

Mumbai Lakes Supplying Water Position as on 4th September:

Total Stored Water Available 1405 Mcum...That is 97 % full...Enough for 380 days @ 3.7 Mcum /day supply. ( Around Mid September 2018).

4 Lakes cross 3000 mms Rainfall this year:  
Rainfall Total in Lakes till 4th September: Modak Sager 2983 mms, Tansa 3005 mms, Vihar 3858 mms, Tulsi  3032 mms, Upper Vaitarna 3237 mms, Bhatsa 2929 mms, Middle Vaitarna 2902 mms.

Above Information from Vagarian Jayesh Mehta.

Mumbai: Tuesday/Wednesday/ Thursday:  No disruptive heavy rains....A partly cloudy sky and hot days due to sunshine periods. A few passing showers in some parts may be inter parsed. 

Pune: Tuesday/Wednesday: Partly cloudy skies and windy during the evening. Thursday/Friday: Thunder clouds developing with a shower .

New Delhi: No meaningful increase in rains, in fact days getting hotter. 37/38c soon.
Rajkot: Decrease in rain intensity during the week


NilaY Wankawala said...

Vagarian Jayesh Mehta always keeping the blog updated on lakes levels in mumbai- indeed a pleasant scenario for mumbaikars to see such a storage -

MEHUL said...

Thanks Sir...Sir After 15 Sep. Crop Cutting will starts in Rajkot Regional and there is a chance of one more round of rain after 12 as per GFS Model. what is your opinion about it sir? it is very helpful for farmers. or it is early to say??

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