Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Posted 27th Wednesday Night:

On Wednesday 27th, IMD has started withdrawing the South West Monsoon.
Happy to note that the Red Line drawn on the Vagaries' withdrawal image and places of widhrawal (mentioned on 25th Monday) matches and is in line with the IMD mention.

Further, Vagaries mentions further (to its Monday ) withdrawal of SWM from West M.P, Saurahtra, North Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi.
Next Phase of Withdrawal (next 3 days) from Rest of Gujarat, M.P, North Madhya Mah, Marathwada, Vidhdarbh .

Bangalore has been getting very good rains as mentioned by Vijayanand and RajeshKumar.
The city has gone into surplus, and is seeing one of the best Auguast and September rains in many years. 
Bangalore AP...Total this SWM 805 mms and 361 mms above normal +45%
Bangalore City...Total this SWM 932 mms and 406 mms above normal +44%
Rains to continue this weekend...Cool day on Thursday. As of now seems more rains next week.

Mumbai: As mentioned , a light shower on Thursday, Thunder shower possible in patches on Friday and Saturday. Withdrawal phase from 1st October.
Pune had thunder showers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Heavy rains in many areas, fog was seen in the mornings.


Vijayanand said...

Thanks for compiling the data on bangalore rains.
Most lakes are overflowing in the city. The big ones like Madivala , Agara and Begur are all full.

Any further big rains is going to cause major trouble ahead. So far no major breach in the lakes, except a lake on mysore road. Hope stays that way.

Today morning is cloudy and cold. No rain.
Hope its a dry day for the match to start on time.

Vijayanand said...

In chidambaram stadium seems like outfield is wet......full fledged drying is going on....let there be no rain today. So far its still cloudy.
Sun has not come out. I would say that is better. Rains here are heat induced. Better be cloudy and reduce chance of TS activity for the day.

Unknown said...

Rajesh sir,A heavy thunderstorm lashed Nagothane at 9pm ...lasted for 20-25mins....infact a powerful one with winds...

Sunny said...

Light thunderstorm in vasai for 5 mins

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