Sunday, September 13, 2015

Top 15 rainfall of SWM 1st June - 12th September, 2015
Min 4000 mm 

1.Mawsynaram, Meghalaya -  10550 (Unconfirmed Figures)
2.Cherrapunji, Meghalaya - 9143
3.Cherrapunji RKM, Meghalaya - N.A.
4.Hulikal, Karnataka - 4980
5.Mastikatte, Karnataka - 4791
6.Agumbe, Karnataka - 4624
7.Lamaj, Maharashtra - 4507
8.Yadur, Karnataka - 4473
9.Shiragaon, Maharashtra - 4319
10.Talacauvery, Karnataka - 4257
11.Mani, Karnataka - 4212
12.Kerekatte, Karnataka- 4100
13.Mulshi, Maharashtra - 4004
14.Cogar, Karnataka - 4000
15.Kuttiyadi, Kerala ~ 4000

Others in Maharashtra:

 Amboli is 3326 mm, Mahabaleshwar is 3596 mm, Tapola is 3725 mm  Bhira 3655 mm Walvan 3786 mm 

Thanks to Pradeep

Vagaries' 11th Meet will be on 26th September at Upvan Lake, Thane. All Vagarians (specially those not from Mumbai) have to be there at 4.30 PM sharp. Be on time, as meeting ends at 7.00 pm. Non attendance will penalised with hosting the next meet smile emoticon.
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Vinod Desai said...

Today we got two thundershowers here in malad.o e in afternoon and again a stronger one in evening around 8.30pm. Sir what do you forecast for coming week.

Rajesh said...

Mumbai: After a few thunder storms on Sunday, may be lighter intensity rains on Monday. Tuesday again increase in rains.

Anand said...

sir. will kolkata not get direct benefit from any low,depression, etc from this remaining season. since 1st august, kKolkata did not receive any meaningful rainfall. what is your comment on this.

Nilesh Ladhad said...

What about Valsad sir??

SVT said...

Hi Rajesh Sir! Some forecast suggesting strong system just south of Mumbai by weekend. You see any UAC or vortex anything like that by 19th sept?

Rajesh said...

Nilesh: Same forecast for Valsad...wait for the system around Friday and Saturday for increasing rains.

Sunny Arora said...

Mulshi is in Maharashtra or karnatka pls specify ?

Pradeep said...

Mulshi is in Maharashtra. Its corrected now. Thank u. Its a typo.

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