Saturday, September 19, 2015

Posted Saturday19th Afternoon:
BB-6 has weakened, and having moved West, is positioned as a Low (1000 mb) West of Surat.
System will weaken and merge with the seasonal Low (trough) over the Sindh region.
Rains decreasing markedly on Saturday in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Flow of moisture due to favourable winds will inter act with a WD, and bring heavy showers to Punjab and Haryana and HP.on 21st or 22nd.Pak Punjab, being closer to the originating WD, will get heavier showers.

A pulse from the East will create the conditions for another Low in Central Bay around the 23rd or 24th.

Mumbai: did not get the expected 35-40 mms on Friday. Sky was overcast and threatening, but no rains. 

However, the outer townships got the rains, and most important, the Lakes supplying water to the City got rains.
Mumbai rains decreasing now, with a few local passing showers for next 4 days.
Respite for Pune too

Lake Areas Rain Measured in last 24 hrs Ended 8.30 am 19th Saturday:
Upper Vaitarna 145 mms, Middle Vaitarna 139 mms, Vaitarna 78 mms, Bhatsa 97 mms, Tansa 83 mms, Tulshi 13 mms, Vihar 10 MMS.(Water storage will be put up on Mumbai Page later today)
Boisar 164 mms and Palgar 101 mms. Thane 33 mms, Kalyan 39 mms, Murbad 40 mms, Ulhasnagar 49 mms, Ambernath and Badlapur  55 mms, Bhiwandi 75 mms,

Heavy Rains in Pune Region:Rain Measured in last 24 hrs Ended 8.30 am 19th Saturday:
Rajur (Junnar) 350 mms, Khireshwar 228 mms, Amboli (Junnar) 188 mms, Aptale 180 mms,Junnar 145 mms,
Shirawate 251 mms, Kalra 183 mms, Kamshet 172 mms, Mulshi 168 mms, Wadgaon 123 mms, Lonavala 83 mms,
Pune 40 mms.
Heavy Rains in Parched Regions:

Taloda (Nandurbar 149 mms, Bhandardara 95 mms.
Lasalgoan 177 mms, Igatpuri 126 mms.Aurangabad received 74 mms, Nasik 82 mms, Pune 40 mms.

(Rain Amounts for Maharashtra compiled by Vagarians Abhijit and Rohit)

Gujarat got good rains from BB-6.Rain Measured in last 24 hrs Ended 8.30 am 19th Saturday:
Expectedly, Valsad 220 mms, Surat 73 mms, Bhavnagar 59 mms, Ahmadabad got 58 mms,  Amreli 45 mms. Rajkot 21 mms,  Idar 22 mms.

The Delhi NCR region too had welcome showers..Ayanagar measured 31 mms, Palam 30 mms, S'Jung 22 mms and University 15 mms.(Flow of moisture from system as shown in forecast map).

Complete list of  rainfall in Maharashtra in mm ending 8.30 am on 19.09.2015 ( From Pradeep)

Rajur - 350
Shirawate - 251
Amboli Junnar - 188
Karla - 183, Dhasai - 182, Aaptale - 180
Pimpalgaon Joge - 178, Lasalgaon - 177
Bhudhawadi - 172, Mulshi Dam - 168
Ladsavangi - 165, Manikdoh - 161, Chankapur - 150
Taloda - 149, Wadaj - 149, Khadkala - 149, Kalwan - 148
Dhargaon - 145, Vaitarna - 145, Dalwat - 145, Junnar - 145
Kanashi - 144, Abhona - 143, Kasbevani - 142, Dingore - 141
Nyahadi - 140, Ambhai - 140, Middle Vaitarna - 139, Yedgaon - 136
Makhmalabad - 131, Palkhed - 131, Ghotawade - 130
Vadivale - 130, Dolkhamb - 128, Igatpuri - 126, Ashte - 125

After a long gap, Gujarat gets heavy rains from Depression (From Pradeep)
in mm ending 8.30 am on 19.09.2015

Dangs (Ahwa) - 265
Waghai - 235
Valsad - 224, Pardi - 195
Kaprada - 189, Khergam - 182
Subir - 175, Dharampur - 162, Chikhli - 157
Jalalpor - 157, Vapi - 151, Navsari - 142, Vansda - 135
Songadh - 124, Madhuban Dam - 113, Gandevi - 113, Nanipalsan - 112
Nizer - 110, Ukai Dam - 109, Thasra - 101


NilaY Wankawala said...

Delighted to note lake areas rainfall in mumbai...although city and suburbs missed rains, rains hit the right area for city

Anonymous said...

Sir, when do you expect the withdrawal to recommence in NW India?

sset said...

With current extreme spells spanning tomorrow also - GUJ will enter into excess zone!! RAJ heavy spells to start (guess high pressure turns into low pressure monsoon back to active phase instead of withdrawl). Entire MAHA records extreme rains - spectacular water falls over AJANTA/ELLORA - for me caves are 7 wonders of world - just like for MUMBAI ELEPHANTA!! September rains still elude BANGALORE / MYSORE....
Actually similar trend of 3 digit rains were noticed over MAHA/GUJ/RAJ in september month last year - 2014...

Avtansh said...

@sset Please stop lying and misleading people. Yesterday you said Maharashtra excess and now Gujarat excess. Don't facts and figures matter to you at all?

@rajesh sir It is now extremely infuriating to read comments on the blog as it has been hijacked by sset's incessant propaganda. Many others have pointed this out too. You already have moderated comments - Request you to use your discretion and block such comments. I understand thw argument that everyone is free to express their opinion but this has crossed that - After a point/limit that opinion starts becoming an agenda.

Thank you.

Rawat said...

Sir, why did Nuh in NCR received such extremely heavy rain? Why rain was so localised?

sset said...

Navi Mumbai extreme torrential rains since yesterday late evening pouring water falls - guess it should have reached 150-200 mm in 8 hrs. Dams around navi mumbai would have filled...Deluge in action...Rains are of very high intensity... this is heaviest ever seen for sept..(raining similar to june 2015)

sset said...

Early dawn torrential rains still lashing navi mumbai...
Mumbai has deficiency of just (-300mm), Ahmadabad just (-150mm) with ongoing extreme spells this will become neutral and move towards excess !!!
Monsoon continues to elude southern India - coastal KAR, KER with huge negative deficiencies - interiors no rain (all lows move towards central India), AP also no extreme spells - Hyderabad even if closer to Orissa missed all rains...

Unknown said...

Next low may bring very heavy rain to Hyderabad, Bangalore, Karnataka interior. Will wipe out deficiency of not only these places but total India deficit.May even reach Cherrapunji levels of 1000s of mm. Waterfalls likely everywhere. Heaviest ever not just for Sept but ever ever....NEM going to push the SWM out of India till 2016. Keep reading this space for more action...:):):):) lol....with sincere apologies to Rajesh for a Sunday morning fiction....Suresh

sset said...

GUJ surat another hat rick 200 mm as of today morning. Anyway Vagaries already forecasted this.

Saurabh said...

Here is the cumulative rainfall map from IMD.

The entire SE India is in green. Coastal AP is in fact +18 which is the second highest surplus percentage this monsoon in the entire country.

Also you compare Mumbai to Coastal Karnataka, a city to a region. Compare the regions. To make my point Delhi is surrounded by areas where the deficit is -40 but Delhi itself has a much much lower deficit this monsoon. These things happen.

Here are the deficits from the west coast.

Konkan and Goa -31
Coastal Karanataka -24
Kearala -27

There is not much to choose from, the deficits are very similar. That is why weather enthusiasta like me are confused when you use terms like "huge negative deficiencies" for some of these regions and "neutral(deficit)" for some others.

salil said...

Sset who ever you r. Why do you fake so much and give wrong info to others.

anant said...

Sunday evening fiction following Suresh :

heavy thunderstorms building in cuddapah , roaring rains in anantpur all dams full in andhra , waterfalls everywhere

Sorry Rajesh - please publish this , as i want to send a message to that person who has hijacked the comments with his incessant propaganda

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